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  1. I was born in the United States and went to Russia seeking a mail-order bride. While in-country, the crisis occurred after starting a guerilla war against human traffickers for my loves freedom- and the freedom of her fellow captives. While I was fighting my own war, I came across a man named Liam, who was searching for his kidnapped daughter. He taught me the ways of espionage before departing on the final leg of his journey- I can only hope he reached her in time. When I finally found Svetlana, it was too late. She needed more help than I could possibly offer, but while desperately trying to revive her, the first infected surfaced, impeding on my ability to find medical supplies in time. My leg was injured by shrapnel before I could find proper medical supplies, and I am now cursed with a wooden leg attached to my real foot. Luckily, this does not damper my mobility because wood is very versatile. Svetlana passed away and left my heart an empty shell of what it once was. I now scour South Zagoria, not looking for revenge, but in hopes of bringing the light she gave me back into this world.
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