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  1. Ellie was born in sweden 1995 she had 2 siblings, 1 big brother called Ian and a little sister called Emma. Her family was very rich and was a loving, happy family. Ellie was a good student, very popular in school and all the boys wanted her, she often went to the city diner to drink her favorite Strawberry milkshake with jam and whipped cream in it, she was just a normal teenager in her best years. When Ellie was 16 years old a 58 year old man broke in to her house in the middle of the night to steal jewelry, but the robbery didnt go as planned, Ellies dad woke up and cought the man stealing, the man panicked and murdered her entire family, Ellie managed to escape from her window and run to the closest neighbor and call for help. The man escaped and there was no evidence of him ever being there, the man was never found. Since the police never found the man,they suspected Ellie to be the one that killed her entire family, but for what? Did they have a family quarrel? and she had had enough? Did she do somthing she wasent allowed to do? Since this night Ellie was never the same Ellie was arrested and she went to the Storozh prison in Chernarus, Other prisoners had heard her story on the TV's, and was disgusted of what she had done, but they also were afriad of her. She had a big group of followers in the prison who did everything for her. She had become a manipulative young woman and everyone feired her. She had a lifetime sentence,but 9 years later somthing happened, the guards started acting wierd, they sounded like...like animals, and they were screming and running around like they had rabies, they were totoally crasy! The guards that wasent effected by whatever it was shot his colleauge right infront of her cell! then he ran away trough the door. Ellie waited what seemed like hours until she took her curage and tried to drag the dead guard to the bars and took his keys, unlocked her cell and she was free? Was she really free? she walked around the prison, she saw alot of bodies, was everyone dead?`what had happened to the world? She grabbed one of the dead guards jacket, and his baton, walked out the door and it was completly silent. She remember she traveled here on a boat, so she went down to the water and got in to a boat. She started to row to the main land. when she got half way out on the sea, see saw the guard who shot the guy outside her cell, sitting in the boat in the middle of the sea, doing wierd sounds and trying to get to her, but she just rowed her boat to the main land. And here her story begins. Did Ellie really kill her entire family? or was she telling the truth? Well, nothing matters now, a new chapter in her life begins now, she can decide her new life, is this like a new start? or will her life in prison rule over her for ever? Only Chernarus faith will decide for her.
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