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  1. Tomas was born the Son of a now single parent Czech Policeman and the Brother of a Czech soldier. Early on, Tomas always admired the Armed Forces of all nations and early on in his life decided he wanted to be one of them. However his Father who knew what the job entailed and what it meant wanted Tomas to continue with Education and pursue a higher level of qualifications. Because of this Tomas Studied Medicine however kept his interest in the Armed Forces close at heart, always wanting to become like his Brother and was always jealous of the pictures he sent him from Afghanistan. In early 2010 however, disaster struck as two men dressed in Military Dress Uniform carrying a folded Czech flag approached the house door. His father knew what this meant and broke down in front of Tomas and the soldiers knowing that one of his children would never return. Tomas entered a state of depression and looked back at the pictures he used to get from his Brother. In Tomas's mid twenties he joined the Czech Police as he wanted to protect others, much to his fathers dismay who wanted him to pursue an even greater education. He passed his physical excellently as will as psychological and aptitude tests. In one of his routine patrols he was responding to a shootout, he heard several automatic weapons being discharged and was the first responder, he and his partner breached the building the rounds were coming from and despite a small firefight and his partner being wounded in the shoulder, they were able to eliminate the terrorists and Tomas was able to provide medical aid to his partner. Although this was not standard procedure as he should have waited for a better equipped force to arrive, Tomas and his Partner were renowned and applauded for their extreme bravery. After this there were rarely any shootouts, even less that he had to respond to and even less where he got to actual open fire on anyone. This lead Tomas to applying for the Czech National Special Police Force known as U.R.N.A. which stood for "Utvar Rychleho Nasazeni" (Rapid Response Unit) which represents the ultimate answer of the Czech's Ministry Of Affairs to Terrorism. Although Tomas was not the best Marksman or the most physically fit of candidates, he excelled at medical practices due to his previous education, he also was noted down by instructors as being a "Quick Thinker". This made him able to pass out as one of the units Medics and he served with pride remembering his Brother and trying to keep others from reaching the same fate as him. Not long after he completed his training in late 2019, a small nation bordering Russia and Takistan known as Chernarus was getting world wide attention for being a state which has begun seeing the rapid increase of cases of the disease known as "Caedesviridae", by March this outbreak has reached disastrous levels and the Government was not doing a very good job at stopping the outbreak. As part of one of NATO's schemes to attempt to gain Chernarus its freedom from the Russian Federation and attempt to gain favour with other nations and look like the good guys, NATO organised a response strategy in case Chernarus decided to want additional assistance in combating the outbreak. At first the response was strictly medical personnel and CBRN units. However this changed after about a month once the infected started displaying Violent and aggressive behaviour which is when NATO seized the opportunity to not only gain Chernarus's favour, but also put troops on the Russian Border. One of such response teams was Czech Republics U.R.N.A in order to control the population and deal with any violent riots that were taking to place, Tomas did not necessarily enjoy this deployment as he had Russian Sympathies as did many members of his team however he went on as he wanted to protect others, he quickly got the grasp of English in U.R.N.A and knew Russian, Polish and Slovakian from birth as they are very similar to Czech. Once deployed in Chernarus in mid May the entire team realized the severity of the situation and how influential the propaganda was holding the worst of the news back. This being one of Tomas's first major deployments he was shocked having to put down what seemingly were unarmed civillians attacking people and quickly questioned his morales, however was able to stay on task. Once evacuation was ordered Tomas volunteered to stay and help out the Government forces control the situation, most of his team were reassigned or went along with the evacuation. As part of a precaution he was forced to give back the majority of his gear to a helicopter his team left on. He now seeks to help people where need be, and assist the Government forces assert control over the situation. Officially, Tomas is considered MIA and has no contacts outside of Chernaurus. Only his team know that he stayed to help however they haven't heard from him since, no one has...
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