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  1. Finally had my first RP event today!!? but then I got this in the middle of it... (Error! unusual crash Circumstance, shutting down.....) ?
  2. My name is George Leander, I was born in Missouri, in the good old USA. My parents taught me to live an honest and good life, and as such, became a volunteer firefighter. The outbreaks? Yeah, that was some scary times, but after the vaccine came out, I thought it would be okay. That maybe the world would return to normal. I had some money saved up, so I decided to cross it off my bucket list and visit Russia on the 2020 New Year. After saying bye to my little brother, whom I share an apartment with back home, I caught a plane to Chernarus, supposedly a great holiday destination. I enjoyed the holiday, until the damn borders closed! I thought I was okay, that the Russian government would handle this 3rd wave effectively. No, instead, I lived the next few months in hell. I did manage to help a volunteer fire department in the beginning, but relations with the populace deteriorated as the infected became more aggressive. In response, the military got very demanding, and very aggressive. After the riots started, I started to accumulate gear, hoping to make it out in the wilderness before things got bad. My life in rural Missouri would help me survive in nature. I don't remember how many days have passed. I probably need to find a small town or village, and see if anything new has developed...
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