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  1. Chris is a passionated hunter since his Dad toke him the first time out in the woods, more then 30 years ago in the Bavarian Forest. He likes to to be in the nature and be a part of it. Sometimes he stays for days into the wild. Chris is not looking for the thrill of the kill. It is more likely the connectedness to the forest and the animals there livin in. Beside from his biggest passion, Chris works as a self employed computer technician. It is a crazy contrast! His jobs leads him day by day in the every changing tec-world and his passion takes him out in the never changing wild. Chris is happy married and has a 5 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. In germany Chris would never had the chance to track and hunt for a real bear. This is the reason why he booked a hunting trip to Chernarus ... And this is also the reason why he is now stuck in this come true nightmare. His biggest goal is to find a way out of the country and take a flight back to Germany, to his sorely missed family. Until this happens, Chris try's to use his skills, to stay alive ... and guess what? Not the Tec-Skills!
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