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  1. Everything about "Mr Nobody" is a mystery... He was a lonely child neglected from his family set into the world as one would let out a stray dog left for dead. He fought through the streets fighting for his life pre apocalypse training everyday to make himself stronger as each day came and train him self to be the best tactical assassin there can be. He practiced martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Ninjustu, etc... He never gave up because this would be the only way for him to survive in the horrid streets. He has no recollection of his past and can only recall his past from the age of 6 where he was set out into the world by his mother and father where his journey began in China. He trained harder then anyone ever would, when people heard his name they feared for others and whoever was in the wrong as Mr. Nobody would demand justice at its will trying to set out good in the horrific world and clean the streets of the horrid criminals as he knows how bad they were as when he was a child. Him now pushing on to the age 21 still strives to this day in the infected world of Chernarus to put the people who torment people and pick on people that are beneath them with fire power to make as much justice as he can for whoever is left in this world filled with zombies and criminals.
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