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  1. To be continued.....
  2. Oscar Belinski was born in New Zealand on a cattle farm just North of Christchurch in a small military town known as Burnham. Oscars mother served in the military as a front line medic while his father managed and worked the farm, Oscar was required to help out on the farm with calving and milking during the seasons and found the work tedious and boring, He had a strong sense of adventure and working the farm did not satisfy this. Although he found it tedious, Oscar learned a lot on the farm, He learned how to survive and work hard, he learned a lot of these skills from his father and mother, His father would teach him how to hunt and grow crops, Oscar even started his own small vegetable garden where he grew Potato's. His mother however would teach him First Aid, and advanced medical skills. Oscar Became very proficient at First Aiding and he found it a hobby rather than work. As Oscar grew up he set his sights on his mothers career path, He wanted to enlist as a medic and use his skills to help others who were worse off than him, he was still to young to enlist however so he took a job as a volunteer with the local EMS, where he would do a lot of physical labor and tedious tasks, Although he found this stupid and a waste of his time, Oscar understood that he needed to start from the bottom in order to ascend anywhere, at times the only thing that would keep him at work would be the pursuit of his goal to join the military. After a few years of volunteer work Oscar was finally old enough to enlist, Without any hesitation he was being shipped out to boot camp in pursuit of his dream to serve and help others. Oscar soon found out the military may not have been what he expected after he was fucked around for 16 weeks straight and learned next to fuck all about anything, He would laugh as all he thought he learned was to address certain people by certain ranks. Oscar had successfully passed the first step of joining the military, He now moved on to what he really was looking forward to.... Medic School. Oscar found the school easy to start with, his experience from his mother and volunteer work had payed of massively and he was well ahead of his class. After another 2 months went on, Oscar had passed the school. He came out with top honors and was rewarded with an operational deployment. Oscar was excited. He was finally going to be able to put all these skills to use. The deployment came around like a snap of a fingers and he was off! off on a big adventure to a far away land where he would be tested in all aspects.... It felt like there was no ease into it, within a month Oscar had saved multiple lives on the field of battle. This continued throughout the deployment. 6 months later the gig was up, Oscar's deployment had came to an end and he was returning home, back to boring old New Zealand. Once back in New Zealand, Oscar discharged from the military and joined the red cross, He would use his skills he learned throughout his life and career to benefit others in another land.
  3. Theoriginalkiwi

    RDM EU 1 - 22:30-35

    My POV (Oscar): Was running down near the red barn outside the airfield, I see that a person is approaching me and appears to be trying to talk to me I stop to talk to him and he says '' have you seen a bull?'' I reply No he then proceeds to shoot and kill me.
  4. I personally Really like it, its a nice change from the Zombie Experience
  5. Theoriginalkiwi

    Incite to Violence (A DayZRP Song)

    Lol! This is great
  6. The way i see this is if your going to loot bodies and involve yourself in that firefight then you should be prepared to be shot.
  7. Theoriginalkiwi

    Favorite Gun?

    The AUG.
  8. Theoriginalkiwi

    Altis Life RP What would you want?

    A Well structured police force,, with training's and rankings.
  9. Cya Dude,, look forward to seeing you in the future.
  10. Hi there,,, Welcome to the community.
  11. Sup man,, Although i am not a Australian i am something '' Better ''....... A New Zealander!!... Look forward to seeing you out there!
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