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  1. Rolland Castle, born September 17th, 1993 in the small suburbs of Alberta, Canada. He was born a twin with his younger twin brother Dylan Castle. Growing up Dylan and Rolland were troublemakers, always pulling pranks and breaking rules at school and in their community. Rolland and Dylan dropped out of high school and joined the notorious Tophat criminal organization that stretched from across the United States to Canada. During their time in the Tophats they worked with many top criminal personnel including a mob boss named Vito Moltisanti from New York. Rolland and Dylan started to get close to Trevon James the boss of the Tophats and eventually moved over to Los Angela’s to be with the main crew. Soon after their move Rolland and Dylan were promoted to Captains and ran their own operations under Trevon. Trevon James later came up to Rolland and Dylan and asked them to take a trip to Chernarus to setup a Tophat organization in this country. They spent a decent amount of time here making connections and setting up organizations and businesses that will help increase income. During that time the country started to have an outbreak of sickness and the country went into lockdown. Now they are trapped in this country and cut off from communications back at home. Their one goal is to find a way out of here and call Trevon James.
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