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  1. A walk in the woods. Pt 2 Pt 3
  2. "Clicks on Radio" Benjamin, found a ahh lady friend. Ummm looking for you. Said shes ummm fond, and what not. Cute little thing. Didnt talk alot. Says shes headed towards Gorka. "Static over radio"
  3. Welcome wanderer! see you in game!
  4. *begins radio transmission* Errr, if anyone is out there and needs supplies, i will keep a tent and cooler with items inside of it. You can find it in a big red brick house down the road from the pub in Berinzino. Only thing i ask is leave a note. "God damn sumbitch almost bite me" "Thunk" "Thatll do, now sleep freak" *end transmission*
  5. i think i figured it out thank you @Combine
  6. ok, so if i use voicemeter, then i should look into that.
  7. "Cletus turns on his radio" Levi! I am sorry I could not communicate with you and your friend. I had a really bad case of the cold. I lost my voice due too it. Hope you enjoy that MP5! "Cletus turns off his radio and heads east"
  8. tonight, i ran across two survivors, i was talking, but they couldnt hear me. I had my in game volume all the way up. My Mic is working, at least in discord. What would cause it too not work in game?
  9. I apologize, i re read them after i posted, everything makes more sense now. Thank you all!
  10. I just re read them, it answered all my questions thank you.
  11. So i have been playing a solid 10 hrs straight on the server since i got white listed, aimlessly wondering the map and looting. My biggest question is, if i run into players should i be worried im "trespassing" on teritory? And if i am going too be KOS? Ive met a few players that were friendly, just unsure if all encounters will be friendly.
  12. what is the natural key bind to dump liquid out of a container? Ive seen people do it on streams, but i can not find the key bind to do it.
  13. thank you all for the kind welcome! hope my character is worthy enough to be whitelisted
  14. Cletus was born in December in the back shed of his mamma and poppas barn. He is the 3rd born with 2 older brothers. Cletus grew up living off the land, and is very good at tracking animals, and forging for supplies. He does lack human interaction and that's why he decided too set sail the large vast ocean too find a "new land" to start a fresh new life. Only to discover that the new people he was meeting where actually trying too eat him. Since Cletus has very little, to no knowledge of the world outside of his hometown farm, he is lost, confused, and alone in this "new world". Hopefully Cletus can find what he is looking for very soon or he will die.
  15. howdy, names cletus poncho. My boat just crashed off the southeast coast and im cold hungry and looking for a group. Will work for food and basic supplies.
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