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  1. *Found in a sealed plastic bag in a mail box at the Chernogorsk military hospital, several scientific observations can be read. It reads: “Jacob Nybro Hansen, M.D., PhD epidemiology and microbiology - results, Chernarussia”. Along the scientific notes are a few pages, resembling a journal* “(…) I was born into a prominent family of doctors in the capital region of Denmark just outside of Copenhagen in 1976. Fascinated with the thought of curing the human body of illness and disease, I was admitted to the University of Copenhagen medical department where I finished my studies in the early 2000’s. Specializing in and finishing my PhD in epidemiology and microbiology, I began working with the danish health authorities at the State Serum Institute just in time to study the effects of the H1N1 pandemic of 2009. I quickly rose to the position of senior doctor at my department, and published several papers on pandemics and local outbreaks. Obsessed with my field, I found it hard to balance work with his family, and was separated from my wife in 2014. She would hardly let me see our daughter afterwards. I went to West Africa shortly after to help and to study the virus. Contracting the virus myself during field work, I felt lucky to survive after spending several days in the ICU. However, as a survivor of such a deadly virus, surely nothing could stop me now (…). (…) Studying the history of outbreaks, another huge pandemic was bound to spread soon. Would it be a new Spanish Flu? I would feel nothing but obligated to prevent mass contagion. I applied to work for the WHO and was given a job as a field observer in 2017. Following words of a new viral outbreak of immense proportion in late 2018, I was assigned to a team that was, after long negotiations and compromises with the Russian government, allowed to enter Chernarus. I would spend the whole spring and early summer in Chernogorsk observing the quarantine, and return to Denmark in the late summer as the first waves of contagion were slowing down. As people around the world were adapting to a new lifestyle, I couldn’t stop worrying about a new mutation and a deadlier wave of infection worldwide. Was it surely over? I had seen signs of mutations in Chernarus that had worried me greatly, and wanted to go back to study it. In early 2020 just after new year’s eve, packing a small bag of concealed research equipment, I entered back into Chernarus on a tourist visa. I had quit my job just weeks prior. No one would allow me to go back. Not now. But I knew I had to (…). (…) Spending January and February doing field research disguised as a local Chernarussian, I like many others would find myself stuck in the country following the lockdown of March 2020. The worsening situation, riots and civil unrest, however, would not keep me away from my work. A message I received in late August would; my wife and daughter had both shown early symptoms of the Frenzy Flu. Even with the best knowledge and equipment, my colleagues back home were helpless. How could it be? I’m devastated by the news. I’m not sure I can continue much longer. If I decide I can’t, this journal will follow my notes on the outbreak here in Chernarus. Hopefully it can do some good, but I doubt it. - Signed Jacob Nybro Hansen, M.D., September 2020, Chernogorsk" After reading the notes, the local traveller who had picked them up would wonder; what happened to Jacob? Did he end his life? Did he attempt to go back to his country? Is he still in Chernarus? Only time would show…
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