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  1. God damn if Charles said just one more thing I was waiting for someone to beat him to a pulp. Lmao.
  2. 𝕭𝖗𝖊𝖙𝖙 𝕭𝖆𝖎𝖑𝖊𝖞 Brett Bailey was born in a corn growing, animal raising, boring as hell state of Indiana. He would work and grow like everyone else. But instead of being happy where he is. He continues to feel like he is in the wrong place. Always bored out of his mind wanting something exciting. Then he finally went on his first hunting trip with his uncle and killed his first deer. He finally had a taste of what he has been looking for his entire life. It wasn't the taste of blood but it was what came before it. Pure adrenaline. His blood pumping rapidly throughout his veins making him feel almost superhuman. He finally turned 18 and decided it was time to journey into the world and hunt for more of his desire. He tried anything and everything his mind could think of. From hunting, paintball, air-soft but they were never good enough. So he explored even more. Going to different states and even different countries, snowboarding, scuba-diving, sky diving, and even doing drugs. ANYTHING to get his adrenaline going.
  3. I was born in the United States in a corn filled state of Indiana. Everything seemed to be going to hell, but i didn't know the half of it. My mother disowned me after i finally moved into an apartment by myself instead of helping her pay for her nasty habits. It was disgusting. If she wasn't drunk she would be high on some other shit the neighbor would sell her. I was sick of it and if i stayed there much longer i was scared one of my black outs would get out of hand. As much as i hated druggies she was still family and family is all you have. But soon things started to change, i found a beautiful lady that i can now call my fiancee. Her name was Kehaulani and she was pregnant with my child. Raden, was going to be his name. We came to Chernarus for a fresh start, it might not of been the best place government or economic wise but it was a place we could call home away from our dark paths....until my nightmares came true....but even worse...she was breathing...but not herself.....just like everyone else....before and after this mess.
  4. Thanks everyone. I am looking forward to meeting you all and im sure Johnny Dalton will be...pleased, to meet..some of you.
  5. Hey guys. Its been a long time since iv been able to be here consecutively and im glad to say that i am back i should be on at least 3 or 4 times a week now. Im excited to finally start roleplaying with the community again. Might even find a nice new group.
  6. IGN: Johnny Dalton Age:18 Country: United States English skills: First and only language DayZ Mod Experience: Been playing for about 4 years. DayZ Standalone Experience: Been playing since it first came out in 2013 Role-playing Experience: I first started playing role-play games back when i was just a little kid. I played Ultima Online with my father, not many remember that game because of it is one of the oldest mass multiplayer games. We were in a "Orc" clan. After that i moved from role-play websites all the way to ArmA II. I played a lot of Takistan life and our favorite Dayz. Ever since i played Dayz i was hooked. I played it day in and day out. I got on any role-play server i could and played to my hearts content. Once i got on DayzRP it was the best role playing i have been on in a lonnng time and i'm planning on never leaving.\ What kind of In Game role best describes you: Hunter/Protector/Family Man Have you been in any clan/group previously:Iv never been in any official groups. Best way to contact you: Skype: Ryan-TehPumpkinKing Steam: TehPumpkinKing Backstory: My name is Johnny Dalton. I was born here. Many doubt me because of my american accent. But back when i was a kid i never really got out the house besides if i was hunting with my family. My Mother and Father were both Americans. They came here to restart their old life's that they wanted and needed to forgot. We were never a high class family and we never really had any close friends. We lived in a small shack in the woods. The only interaction we really had was when we went into town to sell our fresh meat and hides from our previous hunt. We fended for our self's and never really went to others for any help. But my life soon felt like it crumbled from underneath me. We were ransacked. I never knew by who but it changed my life forever. After it all my father was laying on the ground with a knife in his back and his crossbow still in hand. My mother was no where to be found along with my brothers. i was 16 when this happen since then i have been fending for myself. Then the outbreak happen. This is really what changed my life forever. I began to come out of the woods, into small town. Helping people where I could. Giving food, basic first aid attention, and protecting them from the bitters. Once everyone was either dead or fully armed to the teeth to defend them self's, its like they forgot that i did anything to help them. I was pushed away again. Pushed back in time to where i fended for my self and the few that followed that i saw as my new family. Im 22 years old now, 6'1", 211lbs, and the people who were once my new family are now all gone again just like my last. I am alone. Still helping where i can. But still every Day i'v been Standing Alone.
  7. Name: Johny Dalton Age: 20 Height: 6' 1" Weight: 187lbs Hair: Brown With Black Birth Mark Under Hat Eyes: Blue Pre-Outbreak Profession: Young Hunter Demeanor in Three Words: Open Minded, Curious, Accurate
  8. Lol it made my day. Weirdly i was happy i got robbed. Thanks.
  9. My favorite RP moment so far weirdly was when i was robbed of my guns and my van. A full group of people drove up, at first acting nice and friendly and once they all got into position told me to drop my weapons and put my hands up. After they searched me, two of them dragged me into the woods and told me to get up against a tree. They then started telling me different thing (not being said to protect the art of RP). I ended up asking the two out of hardheadedness if they were a couple. One told me "Shut up, we arent a couple. she would be lucky to be with me". The girl then got mad as the two started arguing and i couldn't help myself but to laugh. The girl ended up starting to walk away and the guy says to me "Isn't it funny that she thinks she can get this?" Then a gun shot hits right next to his feet from the girl because she over heard. They then quickly got me to walk away as they argue and walk back to the rest of there group. It made my day. I almost thought they were going to kill each other.
  10. Thanks guys. Well iv been playing so far and i actually really like it. Its pretty fun. I got robbed of my van already but its still fun. lol
  11. Hey guys, my names Johny Dalton in game. But you guys can call me PumpkinKing, Ryan, Or Johny Dalton. I am kinda new at role playing but i do like writing stories a rather lot. I hope to see you guys soon.
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