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  1. Hey, Im David. But you can call me Dave, I used to live in Germany, i was born in Ulm shortly after my family had to escape from Greece because of an Civil War. So I grew up in Germany, startet going to school and finally finished my degree on Professionalismus. You dont know what that is? Of course not... It´s an pretty uncommon und secret education. I had to move to France and learned in Marseille how to be profesional. That means how to talk, act and behave in precence of Important people like a Presedent or similar. I would love to tell you more but I am not allowed to talk about my old Job.. since the big accident that one day i´ve lost everything and anybody i used to know. The agency had held me prisoner and after a few years brought me abroad .. and here I am now, insecure, ignorant and without any possessions. I have lost any training over the years.
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