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  1. Born in Ireland in 1991. Jason moved to America after his father got cancer and had to seek treatment. His father overcame it and continued to parent Jason until he turned 18. Jason joined the army just after that since he was bullied and didn't see a career in anything else, he had grown up playing army with his two main friends and this was his only passion. He pursued sniper school. He is highly trained with any weapon with a scope but has trouble neutralizing targets, even the infected as his past memories haunt him. He served as a Designated marksman in the marines, he was given the Alias "Yokai" as he wore a strange mask and for his ability to disappear and reappear while on a mission, he now has trouble with this skill as his PTSD eats away at his brain. He was on a recon mission just east of Takistan within the Russian federation during January of 2020. He was wounded as the mission had went wrong and his throat was almost slit from behind and his voice was affected. He contracted a mild chase of dysarthria which means his vocal chords sometimes get weak and he has to whisper occasionally. He was abandoned by the military when the Caedesviridae infection spread quick. He remembers his training but through his time at war he has developed PTSD. He regrets taking shoddy medicine as he also developed mild hallucinations from the mix.Through the months of the infection spreading he has moved around a lot, he doesn't know Russian or Czech so he has trouble reading signage so he gets lost easily. He doesn't mind running with groups but with his conditions he tends to speak to himself and point out his hallucinations which usually drive people away.
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