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  1. If you guys need anyone to test, ill do ot
  2. I was wondering the same
  3. Knut Hansen. Knut was a norwegian farmer who traveld to Chernarus. He has brown medium long hear and a medium long beard. He went to Chernarus due to the poor contidions his fmaily was in back in Norway after the outbreak. Knut was a kind and careing man, who loved his wife. He can also be agressive if someone hurts someone he loves. Even though Knut can speak english, you can hear that he is for Scandinavia. Øyvind, the brother of Knut, told him rumours about a safe survival community in a place called Chernarus, and how safe it was over there. His wife, Kristine was with their first child at this time. This was the reason that made Knut decide to go travel to Chernarus, with his wife and expected child. After days of planning, Knut and his wife and Kristine, took the car and drove though Russia. They had gatherd all the resources they had to survive the journey. After three weeks at on the road, the car broke down. They had to walk south for two more days to reach Chernarus. After two days of walking, the came to some mountains called The Black Mountains. They had to climb down the steep hills to get to Chernarus. When they where almost done climbing, Kristine had an accident. She slept on a wet rock and hit her head. Knut knew it.. she was dead. He had lost his only friend and wife, and their unborn child. He buried them next to a beautiful tree. He put on his backpack and walked further into chernarus. His first encoutner with other survivors was when he saw some previous mebers of The Humanitarian Aid and Relief .
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