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  1. First day rping on the server, running into the Sentinels right off the bat was very cool.
  2. Nick grew up in a small town in Vermont, in a rather backwoods family. He spent little time studying, and most helping his father on the farm he worked at, or on long hunting trips. His mother had died before he could remember her, so his father was really all he had. He wasn't any good in school, but his father hadn't expected him to be, he was meant to stay in their small town until the day he died. But when he was a man Nick simply grew bored of it all, and went off to the coast to look for new work, much to his family's disappointment. He found a new career as a bay worker, loading cargo into large transport ships. It was rough work, and Nick honestly didn't care much for it. But not being qualified for anything else he stuck with it. He figured it would get better some day. When one of the ships at the bay asked for men interested in coming aboard to the Mediterranean to help offload cargo in Turkey for twenty five dollars an hour, Nick couldn't refuse the offer. Only, when they were close to their destination, some of the crew begin to show strange symptoms. Then all hell broke loose, and the crew begin to tear each other apart mindlessly. Nick and a few others fought their way to the deck and boarded a life raft. They spent several days at sea, before a great storm began to brew. Despite their best efforts, they were scattered in the wind. Nick awoke, not finding himself dead - but instead washed up on some foreign shore. He was in the country of Chernarus, but when he went to look for help he found only more of the infected. Taking refuge in a small cabin he stayed there for quite some time, before his supplies began to run low. Now with no other options, he ventures out into the new world.
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