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  1. Howard Higgins was born in 1957 in New York, New York. There he opened up his own taxi service company in 1974 when he was 17 years old. Once he got his services up and running he began to make some testing friends. In his services he began to find himself running guns and money for the New York Mob. Here he became addicted to gambling and smoking. No matter what it was if he thought he had a slim chance at winning he would put everything on the line. He would continue this for years to come, working under his friend Spanky (one of the leaders in the Mob). It was a cold winter night in the year 2000, Howard found himself in one of the bars downtown with his good buddy Spanky. Spanky asked Howard, "How much for that service you got going on down the road?" Howard knew this was his life's work, his dream of his own business, but his addiction fell over him. He knew if he lost he would lose his entire life, Howard came up with the sure idea to bet on the highest odd horse of the horse race. Spanky took the risk and bet on the lowest odds and he prevailed. Taking Howard's business and his life with one horse crossing that checkered marker. Howard ran from the bar, knowing he was being followed he made a straight shot for his shop. He grabbed all of the gasoline he could find and put the building up in flames. Spanky showed up with his crew and demanded Howard pay for the damages, Spanky then walked up to Howard to have a heart to heart moment, when he slashes the knife, clipping Howard's torso. Howards takes off into one of his taxis and heads to the airport. Howard asked for the next plane leaving, the worker replied, "The next departing flight is to, Livonia." Howard didn't care where it was, he would figure it out when he got there. He left New York with no trace of Howard Higgins even living there. He woke up on the airplane to the flight attendant informing him they have landed in Livonia and it is time to exit the plane. He grabs a cab outside the airport and has the driver take him to the nearest town. There Howard meets Lara Buterskaya at a small diner she is a waitresses at. He puts on his mobster charm and wins her over with an offer to take her out to dinner. The two see each other for years to come, getting an apartment together and living what they thought was the best life. It was mid 2005 when the news of sickness came over Lara, she spent most of her days in and out of the clinics, attempting to get rid of the cancerous cells that were infecting her body. She was able to get one more year with Howard until passing away in her sleep, Howard knew it was her time to go. But now it was his time to go, he knew he needed to get out of there, be his own man again and get his business back again. He got in his car and drove, drove for what seemed like days to a place where he will call home now, Chernarus. Days and years after he would find himself in his taxi, driving customers around (when they pay), smoking every second he has, and gambling when he can find a sucker to go against him. April 1st, 2020 once the outbreak began Howard would live out of his car. He would park in the woods at night and radio to anyone that he could get into contact with. Meeting an odd sounding man who goes by the name Arrow. Arrow would break comms for a little over a week and Howard would take it upon himself to set off in an adventure to meet up with locals to see if they have heard of or from Arrow.
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