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  1. Jacob is born in a little town of Texas in 1988. His mother was a doctor in the local hospital and his father was a farmer. They were not living with much, but they were happy. Jacob was a calm little kid in the first years. He was learning very fast and was very intelligent for a kid. He entered elementary school in at the age of 5. Jacob was a social little guy; he always wanted to help his teachers or the other students. He helped his father at the farm for several years by doing tasks such as milking the cows, collecting eggs from hens and other basic things that he could accomplish considering his age. The little boy grown up with values that were very important for his family like the respect and the truth but the most important one was the family because nothing matters more for him. At the age of 16, Jacob had a best friend named Danny. Danny was a little bit more bad boy than Jacob because Danny’s father was part of an organization that used to do many illegal things in the city. The citizens in the city were not very concerned about their criminal acts at that time. The organization always did in fact those out of the city and was actually protecting the city of other bad guys. Time passed and Jacob entered in the organization at the age of 22. The MC was getting bigger, but their enemies were too. So, Jacob trained for all those years to be more intelligent than others. Being smarter could make a difference between staying alive or die at that moment. At the end, Jacob became a respectful man with good values, but he was not afraid to do what had to be done to survive or to protect his family. Some years have passed and one day Jacob was on his bike heading back to the HQ of the MC. Unfortunately, some guys of the opposite MC caught him on his way. For many days, Jacob has been tortured to get information about what his MC was doing. He had no way to reach out his family or someone outside. One day, no one came in the barn where Jacob was and so he finally made a plan and got out of the barn. Strangely, no enemies were waiting for him, no one was on the road, the only thing that could be heard was the complete silence all around the barn. Jacob searched quickly around to find something to defend himself in case the opposite MC would have come back. Jacob got a pistol and headed straight back to the city as fast as he could. He did not know what was happening at the moment… Empty cars… bodies on the ground all around … blood… death … No clues of what was happening… But at some point, someone showed himself. The man was stand and still in the middle of the road waiting for something … or maybe someone. Jacob shouted at the man as he approached carefully. The man turned around after a couple of seconds, but he was not a man… not anymore. This creature was making noises and had blood everywhere. At that moment, Jacob knew that this creature was not human anymore. The creature suddenly started running towards Jacob, yelling those noises all around. Jacob aimed at the creature and shot it. The creature fell just like Jacob who did not believe what just happened to him. Then he got up and he ran to his house and made sure to not encounter some more of these creatures. He finally got back home explaining where he was for all those days. His mother and his father explained to him what happened. They barricaded all the house and had some supplies from the farm to survive. At this point, Jacob knew that everything he has ever known would be different now. His MC … Danny … no one knew where they could be. For now on, Jacob had more important to think about. Surviving and keeping his parents alive … no matter what he had to do to achieve this goal. During the next three years, Jacob, his mother and his father stayed at their home in Texas. Since his mother was a doctor, she showed him and his father all the medical basics so they could survive alone if something happened. They made some barricades outside and around the barn, so they can continue raising hens and cultivate some vegetables. Everything was going right even if surviving was hard. Jacob knew that if they stayed all together, they could continue to stay alive, until this day … One day, two groups had an altercation in town, they shot at each other for several minutes, made so much noise that every zombie all around went to town. They were everywhere, one hundred, maybe more were staying in town, waiting for someone to pass by to kill them. Jacob and his family had no more choice than to leave the town. So, they took everything they could and they left in the morning. Jacob and his family walked for 30 minutes and suddenly a gun shot from far away was heard. Jacob took his gun and told his mother and his father to go beside a tree to protect themselves. When Jacob turned around, he saw his mother; her body was on his father’s hand, a bullet in her chest. Jacob went crazy and shot the sniper who had just killed his mother, but Jacob’s father told him to stop. He took Jacob’s gun and looked at his son and told him to run. He wanted to do a diversion, so he could live. Jacob looked into his father’s eyes; some tears were falling on the ground. Jacob hugged his father one last time and ran as fast as he could. His father shot all the remaining ammunition in the pistol to protect his son. Two minutes after Jacob started running, he heard another sniper shot … and at this moment… he knew that he was now alone. No one was there anymore … but he never knew what happened to Danny, his best friend … maybe it was time to find out. Four years after his parents have died, Jacob made his way to the south of Chernarus, trying to get some information about his MC and about Danny. All the survivors that Jacob saw were friendly and not hostile. Many of them were trying to help each other even if some of them were just trying to get what the others had. Everyone was calling them the bandits and Jacob did his best to only talk to peaceful people. But one day again, the bandits came during the night, stole all they could and let Jacob with nothing … Nothing but hope and rage … everything you need to survive.
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