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  1. Walter Lange was born in Columbus, Ohio in 1965 to James and Mary Lange. In his early years, he excelled in school to the point that he was recognized by certain National Intelligence agencies. Walter has spent most of his life learning body language, communication and negotiation tactics, military tactics and skills, and intelligence gathering. Walter is a single man and has been such for mostly his entire life as true social interactions on a real personal level have always been challenging to him. James and Mary, his parents, were both killed in an automobile accident when he was quite young and he never really re3covered emotionally from it. Since that time, Walter has committed his life to the service of his country, and at least in his eyes, the service of humanity. Most of his career was spent as a lead analyst and gatherer of intelligence for multiple US intelligence agencies, spending multiple tours in many Middle Eastern countries. In late 2016, Walter was sent to Chernarus under the guise of a business man to try to gather intelligence on the state of affairs in the region. It wasn't long before he was unable to communicate with his handlers and he has been on his own in the harsh aftermath.
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