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  1. *Childhood* Honza grew up in small house with his mother, father and brother. Honza was very smart child and always wanted a dog. Honza's fammily didn't have a lot of money but they weren't poor so Honza and Pavel could go to school. As honza grew up He got the dog he wanted a german shepherd. Honza and his brother Pavel and their friends liked him a lot and called him *Fritz*. They always like to walk him outside, they sometimes even walked him in forest where one day his brother got lost and was missing over a year when Honza's brother Pavel was declared dead. That moment really effected him, as he started begin angry. *Beginning of the apocalypse* Honza was trying to get some sleep because he can't sleep since his brother's death, when he heard screaming comming from outside. He ignored it for some minutes because he was thinking it was some drunk people but then he heards shots and his parents comming up to wake him up but as they came to his room the infected started to break thrue main doors so Honza and his parents started to run down and tried to escape thrue back doors when his parents got bitten only Honza escaped and ran into nearest house where he hid in room
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