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  1. Tyler Rogers was born 02/12/1961 from Mother Wendy Rogers and Father Randy Rogers. Growing up he always looked up to his father who was a police officer and strived to be one when he grew up. Once reaching the age of 18 Tyler when into the Republic Army of Chernarus (RAC) where he spend 8 years. While in the RAC he was awarded the second highest honor a soldier could receive do to his brave actions that saved 5 another men. Tyler never once thought about himself, but only his fellow brothers that where with him and wanted to make sure they got home safe. After the military Tyler kept his promise and became a police officer for the city of Kirovograd in the year 1987 and worked for the same department that his father did. Tyler never had any interest in finding a wife do to his job being so dangerous he didn't want his family to go through the pain of losing him if he died. After working for the police department for about 33 years and ready to retire the virus hit in the year 2020 and had been surviving alone ever sense.
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