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  1. Childhood: -Ondrej grew up in a small house on the outskirts of Elektrozavodsk. He grew up as a really happy child with his older brother Karel and both his mother and father. Ondrej had everything that a regular family could wish for; they had a house, working car, enough food and water since they werent a poor family they could afford school for both Karel and Ondrej. As Ondrej grew up he got into a bad group in school, he started smoking and drinking at a very young age. His parents never found out but he told Karel about it. Being his brother and only good friend he never snitched on him. Beginning of apocalypse: -Karel and Ondrej were sleeping and at 23:35 they heared the door getting knocked down and a lot of weird noise. When they went to check they started hearing screams, yelling for help so they peeked through a little hole in the door and saw their parents getting eaten by the infected so both Ondrej and Karel went back up on the first floor and jumped out of the balcony since there was more of the infected coming in through the main door. After they jumped out of the balcony they just started running away from the city. While running and infected cut them off by jumping in between them which made both Karel and Ondrej separate. Ondrej started to run away from the house, he didnt look back hoping that Karel would be just one step behind him. Later he realised that Karel was no where to be seen. The second he realised he broke down and started to cry in a nearby broken down building. A young boy crawled out from under the bed and came towards Ondrej. Ondrej knew his only chance of survival would be to stick together with the young boy and keep a low profile.
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