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  1. Thomas "Romeo" valrune was born in Odessa Texas on January 19th 1999 to rose Valrune and Yuri Valrune. growing up Thomas had a fondness for fire arms and different military weapons. his father did not like this interest as he saw first hand what they could do as we served in the 1st and 2nd Chechen War. but as time went along his father gave in and bought Thomas his first fire arm at the age of 13. this rifle was a cheap Turkish sks he found at a pawn shop. form age 13 to age 16 he would work at local farms detasling corn in the summer to buy ammo for his firearm who he cared for so dearly. by age 17 he entered multiple shooting contests including the Texas youth shootout for witch he placed 9th place. by age 19 he decided he was tired of his life in Texas and wanted to make a difference he decided he wanted to server but not for patriotism for he didn't know the word but for profit. so he joined ION Inc and was sent to chernarus to guard high value political figures. after a while the virus broke out and while escorting the vip to a safe house a fire fight broke out killing 2 of the men he was with and the vip. with no choice he was forced to flee the area leaving his rifle and ditching his gear as not to be spotted by local bandits.
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