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  1. I literally am in tears. I cant wait to immerse myself when i get home from work.
  2. i feel like tyrone biggums waiting for the whitelist approval..


    fingers crossed

  3. I'm a half-orc warrior! although ive played a few different characters. my last character was a high elf wizard. and he kicked ass. got him up to level 6 before he died
  4. Hey! I'm fargo. been waiting a long time to play on the dayz rp servers. been watching the youtube videos for years. seems like so much fun. so i figured id introduce myself. ive been playing Dnd for five years. i absolutely love the escapism, the immersion of roleplaying. i finally built my first pc and dayz had to be the first game i played.. ive been waiting a long time to survive the apocalypse. i hope i pass the white listing so i can start to play! cant wait to meet all of you ? friend or foe haha
  5. Working as a journalist to cover the Caedesviridae infection, it was a low budget trip but i decided to take up the opportunity because my life was boring, the paper i was working for was looking for anybody who was intersted in traveling to Chenarus to cover the current resurgence of the "frenzied flu", nobody seemed interested, and i was looking for something excited and new to do so i decided to volunteer for the trip. I arrived around late january. by February the entire country went into quarantine. no stores open, nobody was allowed outside, but there was an insanley strong police presence in the street. As a journalist i was fascinated by the muystery behind the quarantine and the flu. it was a juicy story and i felt like it was exactly what i was looking for... But. things started to detiorate rapidly. things became very voilent. by the end of april, i started to uncover more about what was really happening. people becoming infected, people dying... people... coming back to life. it was horrible. communication to my colleauges in america was cut off. i was stuck. stuck in Chenarus as i started to realize what i was covering... a... a zombie apocalypse.
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