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  1. Matthew "Doc" Miller was an aspiring doctor who dropped out of med school. While his parents were disappointed in him, he really did not care. They still let him live at home as they were very wealthy and found no reason to not share their wealth with their only child. Matt decided to do something with his life, however, and became a medical assistant instead. Still having a love for medicine and treating others he joined the “Doctors Without Borders” organization and went all over the world helping people recover from all sorts of issues. One day Matt found himself in Chernaurus. While he was very young for what he did, he was equally as bright and determined. He had heard of a strange infection that had come to this country and he wanted to learn more, curious as he was. While treating a man for an unknown sickness the man had become extremely aggressive and attacked the doctors trying to help him. He started snapping at those around him and, while trying to restrain the man, Matt was bitten. At first Matt thought nothing of it, with the adrenaline going he hardly even noticed. Then his medical training kicked in and he quickly realized that this could be a form of transmission. He did everything to clean the wound and sanitize himself, but he feared it was too late. He would get this sickness and die like the many others who had fallen ill. Days passed and Matt was in quarantine though he showed no signs of illness. The doctors figured that he had cleaned the wound well enough, and so did Matthew, so he did not get the disease. Or perhaps the bite was not deep enough. Either way, Matthew was relieved and carried on with his work. Weeks passed, and months, and the infection rate had only gotten worse. Matt considered going back home but upon looking into it, airports were all closed in the country to prevent the spread of the infection. He was trapped. The military had moved into the area and Matt got nervous. He started to debate whether he should stay with the medical team or go on his own. Afterall, he didn’t really care for the company of others. To understand this you must go back to Matt’s childhood. Matt was diagnosed with autism at a very young age. This has caused him to be highly skeptical, distant, and highly critical, among other things. He was an outdoors kind of guy and loved to practice his survival skills. While he was never good at any of it, he had the knowledge of how it should be done. In the coming days of what was to be Matt’s new future he knew that his knowledge would become invaluable. This new world would be the ultimate test for Matt. Not for the evil that would threaten his life, not for the disease ridden people that taint the Earth, but for the normal people. He would now have to put his trust in people, and that terrifies him.
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