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  1. Kat

    Should We Have Settlement Rules?

    The way the settlement rules were set up may have had the intention of creating an RP hotspot, but that's not the way it has come across. When you spend so much time defining who, how and when a settlement can be attacked, you create a scenario that is rife with hostility. And then giving each group the opportunity to make their own settlement rules, only to then ban them for implementing those rules is kinda craptastic. Gotta have common sense somewhere in this place!! To be honest, it would make more sense for staff to create a "settlement" that could be used solely for RP hotspots. I know there were a few in the mod. Yes, it creates more work for some, but if you really want to create RP opportunities, you're going to have to work at it. Create RP events, maybe like a farmer's market type thing. Have a place where events could take place without the threat of hostilities. Now, I'm not saying do this all the time. Cause that would bore the shite out of people who enjoy hostile RP. But it could be a nice change of pace for other players.
  2. Kat

    Lore Concerns

    @Chief, @Joules, @Major...please do one thing. Keep in mind that people don't come to DayZRP to roleplay your story or your vision of how the lore fits with your characters. They come to create their own story line. Creating a "universe" is a lofty goal and would be most appropriate to post as a draw for new players. The existing player base doesn't need all that. All that is needed to move forward is a basic, pared down timeline. Don't saddle the current players with a convoluted history that limits their storyline.
  3. Kat

    Lore Concerns

    This is an ongoing issue that keeps rearing its ugly head in this community. Hell, and in my job too for that matter. In a nutshell, TPTB (the powers that be) make the rules and the community has to follow them. Sometimes it seems like people need to justify their positions. By this, I mean writing up long, although sometimes inaccurate verdicts, to responding vehemently to constructive criticism, to writing convoluted rules, to writing a lore that reads like a novel. I'm not saying any of this to disparage the work of those who have spent time working in any of these positions. I'm just saying that sometimes, it might be better to take a step back and KISS it. By that, I mean Keep It Simple Stupid. Rules should be black and white. Verdicts should be easily determined, with punishment being a more subjective matter. The lore should be what it is. What happened, how did it happen, why did it happen and what the hell do we do now. The more detailed parts of this story should be written by those playing the game. The characters who interact and try to survive in this hell-hole that is the world after infection. I don't fault the LM's wanting to write an amazing lore that graphically tells a story. But, is that what is really needed? Dunno. They have been directed by the only one whose vote really counts anymore...
  4. Kat

    An afraid community.

    From hotdogs with mustard to chicken nuggets to stating your opinion in what could be viewed as a hostile tone, all these things led to bans. I'm not going to argue one way or another on any of them, but this past year, especially, has shown that what you say and how you say it can and will be used against you. Heck, even things that are said outside of the community can snake their way in and cause you problems. I'm not placing blame anywhere, I'm stating what I have seen. Points have been handed out like candy at a parade over misunderstandings and misinterpretations. That's where the "fear" comes in. On the other hand, there have been many times that I expected points but haven't gotten them. Like when I indicated that there were times when the owner acted like a 12 year old girl. Personal opinions should not be given points if they are stated without all the drama attached. Give your opinion and leave it at that. Don't feel the need to contradict other's opinions. Relax...it's a gaming community.
  5. Kat

    Points vs Warnings

    Sooo....the problem with this is that @Caesarhas tried making changes to "parts of the system" since he came back. The proof of that is all over the forums and I'm sure staff chat is full of that. I will say, I have never been a big fan of his, as he can come across as a bit patronizing and condescending, however, he does have the betterment of this community in mind with everything that he says. He made good points when he came back to the community, when he rejoined staff, and now that he has been removed from staff he continues to express his concerns for they way things are going. But enough about Caesar. This community doesn't like change. And as @King pointed out, no one really does. But, change is inevitable for the improvement of any situation. For the past few years, the staff, no matter who it was comprised of, has refused to take a step back and admit there are problems. Now, there is a lot of lip service and promises made that "we will talk about this as a staff team", but in reality why change? The support from the top is always given to staff. Period. I have heard "the system is working the way it is intended" so many times it is ridiculous. Look at the issues constantly being brought up in General Discussion and Suggestions. Look at the number of reports that are made. And then look at the number of appeals that overturn said reports. If this is "how it's intended", then I must be way out of touch. My thoughts for change...first of all, the rules need to be clear and concise, no room for interpretation by players or staff. Black and white. 2nd, penalties for rule breaks should be decided based upon the severity of the rule break, the effect said rule break had on others, and the history of said rule breaker. And these things should be discussed amongst staff. And more than one or two staff members. And the arguments made to support the punishment need to be based on the facts and policy, not how someone feels about that particular situation. As for staff...there has got to be some way to get there people trained. And I don't mean a 15 minute breakdown of what 1 person does. I know for a fact that there are numerous staff guides for each position. Don't know where they are or how you access them, but I know they exist. These need to be read. And re-read. And studied. And staff at the step above should be taking a little bit of time and working with someone below them. That is how it should work. However, since I'd say 90% of the staff are relatively new, not sure that can happen. But it should be each staff member's goal to learn what his/her responsibilities are and the best way to perform them. If that means taking a few minutes and asking a former staff member a question, do it. Just don't take your new title as a badge that means I'm staff and can do what I want. Because, I guess you can, but that just leads to more and more discontent. My two pennies...
  6. Kat

    Firefight KOS changed?

    OK, let's start with...I'm not your mate. And the intelligence of people in the real world and those devising the rules for a gaming community have nothing to do with this thread. Rules are there for a reason, to give players the constructs for how the staff expects the game to be played. These constructs need to be black and white. If a rule has been broken, any interpretation comes into play when they look at the factors surrounding said rule break. The why, the who, the what the hell else was happening, those are the things that should be up for interpretation by staff in a report. But getting staff to reply is what the OP was hoping for, not a back and forth about my opinion and your response.
  7. Kat

    Firefight KOS changed?

    But this is DAYZRP, not real life. And the page on the site is noted as the rules page...however, this has nothing to do with the OP's thread.
  8. Kat

    Firefight KOS changed?

    I disagree. The human part of the staff's nature can be in full swing when it comes to deciding on the punishment side of the verdict. But rules are there for a reason, and it should not be left up to anyone's interpretation as to what the rule means. Human development shows that people need to know what the rules are in order to act within them. If these rules are subject to interpretation, there are no solid constructs from which players can develop their play style. I can use big words too, mate.
  9. Kat

    Firefight KOS changed?

    I realize this thread centered around a specific event that caused a report and a verdict, however it seems that there might be a misunderstanding of what is wanted. The way I read the above statement, @Dusty is asking for all staff's feedback on whether or not the official opinion about certain rule breaks has changed. He's not asking for more clarification of why the verdict was handed down, that was clear. It appears that he is trying to get to the root of a long running issue of how staff is interpreting rule breaks. This question has been asked numerous times with the general response of this was the decision that was made and we stand by it, no matter what other points of view are noted. Which at times, I think it's ok to rally round the troops and support your fellow staff member. However, be honest. From the comments on this thread and others, such as the one I put up regarding settlement rules, there is a clear divide between what staff thinks and what the community thinks, however, the more distressing part is that even within staff there is a difference. At some point, staff needs to stop justifying their position with their opinions and start discussing, together, these problem issues. Again, on my soapbox again, rules have to be black and white. There should never be any room for someone's opinion to come into play about a rule break. Period.
  10. Kat

    Settlement Rules

    You are correct, however, entering said settlement, knowing that the owners cannot enforce the rules that they created, to me, is a direct violation of Ruleplay vs Roleplay. I don't want to be too specific with the most recent report, because this issue encompasses more than just that incident. Gray areas in rules are terrible and this is what happens. The settlement rule at this time says things like disruptive behavior, aggressive characters. Unfortunately, the definition of these terms is left up to the staff members looking at the ensuing report. Rules have to be black and white. Why should the staff definition of disruptive behavior be any more correct than that of the settlement owners?
  11. Kat

    Settlement Rules

    Snark much? No, I am not saying that we be asshats at all. I am saying that if a group creates a settlement, comes up with settlement rules that are available for all to see, and then other players come around and decide to break said rules, the settlement owners should have the authority to enforce the rules that were created. Period. If settlement rules are there just for show, then that either needs to be clear to all players who have settlements or those rules should be done away with.
  12. Kat

    Settlement Rules

    So some follow-up questions then... 1. Why not? 2. Why not? 3. What is the point of letting them make those rules if they cannot be enforced? And in regard to the last part about rules working as they are intended, I am referring to more than just the settlement rules. There is debate about NVFL, baiting among others.
  13. Kat

    Settlement Rules

    I still haven't really gotten an answer to the question. I have seen all kinds of rationalization for why the verdict in the most recent report was done, however it still doesn't address the question. So let me try to break it down into multiple questions that may resolve the issue. @Rolle, @Oliv, and any other staff... 1. When settlements are made and approved, are the rules that are made IC'ly for said settlement reviewed by the staff? 2. If so, why are rules that supposedly go against community rules not pointed out prior to approval? 3. Can the settlement rules developed by any group and approved by staff be enforced? And honestly, I keep hearing that "the rules are working exactly as intended". If that is the case, then maybe there should be some training session for the community. With the number of reports and the number of questions/discussions/suggestions made, there is a huge disconnect.
  14. Kat

    Settlement Rules

    That example is beyond ridiculous and you know it. This is yet another example of rules that were made but not necessarily thought out. Yes, community rules are enforced, but letting players create settlements with their own set of rules made in character, telling them that they cannot enforce those rules ruins the roleplay that they have developed for that settlement. And if you are going to allow groups to make rules, it is staff's responsibility to either make sure they are in line with the community rules or let them enforce them.
  15. Kat

    Settlement Rules

    Sooo...if players make settlement rules but are then found guilty in a report for enforcing said rules, why are there settlement rules at all? It makes no sense. And if other players decide to circumvent the posted rules, whether it be acting like a jackwagon or, I don't know, having someone unlock the gate to a locked settlement they were told not to enter, they should have to face any consequences doled out. Or, that's what logic says to me.