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  1. Tobia Davineau born on the red sandy shores of Prince Edward Island, Canada on July 12th, 1988. Born into a prominent fishing family, he is the eldest brother of Jedidiah and was born two years later. What started as a humble beginning turned into a massive Canadian success story, as his father Thomas (or Tommy as he preferred) Davineau built himself a fishing empire which began to diversify its investments into shipbuilding contracts for the Federal Government and looking into the effects of Ocean Acidification on fishing bodies. Tobias worked very closely with his father on the business side, whilst his brother Jedidiah was good with numbers but he is a bit more free spirited and never got into the family business. Tobias spent years helping his father spread the influence of the company from not only a Canadian exclusive, but began to find itself investing in dockyards and research facilities all over the world. From Australia to South Africa and even remote Chernarus who showed much promise before the recent Civil War began in 2009 between the Chenarussian Rep. and the ChDKZ. Tobias found himself at odds with his Father after the Civil War broke out, as he called the dockyards in Chernarus just another hotbed for crooks and commies. He tried to reconcile with the mistake made, but the years went on and the mistakes of the past fell out of the spotlight with the growing business. Tobias found himself lovestruck on a regular business trip to Johannesburg, meeting his future wife Cynthia when visiting a pair of business partners from the research lab they were building connected to research contacts in the Antarctic. Cynthia became everything to Tobias, they traveled the world together, settled down, bought a house in Charlottetown. Everything was great… until it wasn’t. Cynthia insisted on traveling to Tibet, she always wanted to find herself spiritually. Tobias wasn’t sure if we wanted to go or not, he was never the spiritual type, and the political tensions with China and the ex-Tibetan government were always a concern. It was a fatal decision that Tobias decided not to go with Cynthia, it is however, the only reason he is still alive. Flying in the higher altitudes the plane Cynthia flew hit severe turbulence and encountered failures of the craft and crashed into the Tibetan mountains sides. Tobias spent years wondering what it might have been like in those final moments, did she curse him or did she love him. It’s a question that he’ll never get an answer too. After that he took a leave of absence from the company, for two years he spent most of it at the bottom of a bottle in the murky bars of Toronto. He sold the house in Charlottetown with everything as is. Just when he reached perhaps his deepest low, he found a friend, a man from Chernogorsk named Igor Yahantov who worked at the very dockyard his Father’s company invested in before the Civil War broke out. He told Tobias of the bad times that followed the country, the rise of Gregori Lopotev and his subsequent assassination, and how the country found itself absorbed by the Russian Federation. It was wild, he told Tobias of how his family were murdered right in front of him, with his wife’s final conscious eye focused solely on him. It was something Igor deeply regretted, how his wife’s pleading eye’s could not be saved, how he sat there and watched those monsters gun them away. Yet, he carried on, he had too. His wife and child were dead and what good would it be for him to die knowing his survival would be for nothing. So he immigrated to Canada, and two years later found Tobias in this very bar sulking in the bottom of a glass and found something of himself in this lonely man. Tobias took this story to heart. Although he desperately wanted to know his wife’s true feelings in the end, perhaps it was better with the memory of her, rather than her death. So, Tobias sobered up, and rejoined the family business the only way he knew, from the bottom. Accompanied by Igor, Tobias worked his way up the corporate ladder once more, his Father embraced him with open arms. With his friend Igor, Tobias wanted another shot to right the one business mistake he made: Chernarus. August 2018 and the company began another venture in the war torn country hellbent on recovering from its past sins. Igor went home to help Tobias’ venture succeed as he was named Operator of Chernarus Investments; however, the world had different plans that following December 2018. As a strange mutation of the flu began spreading worldwide putting many of Davineau’s investments in danger of loss. Of particular concern was Tobias’ friend Igor who last communicated with him in January 2019 just before the State of Emergency was declared in the region. Business was carrying on despite the rampant illness, the men wanted to work and make a wage for their families, but it was around this time that communications around the globe were slipping. It didn’t take long for the world to lose itself, by May 2019 things were spiraling out of control. Even a few office workers Tobias knew caught the Frenzy Flu. Operations were suspended and the overall global economic collapse seemed almost imminent. 2019 was a tough year, with 9.6 million cases worldwide and vaccine companies promising a vaccine by the end of the year it felt like a pyrrhic victory when the world began to open up once more. With the New Year upon us, it felt like things were returning to normal, especially when Russia declared itself open for business again as part of the celebrations. Yet Igor never called, never wrote back via email, there was no word as to what happened to the Chenarus operations. The company began trying to hobble its business back together, but its global outreach was heavily punished by the epidemic earlier in the year. Father was, well, getting old, and the paths of succession were being outlined and Tobias was set to become President of Davineau Incorporated within the year. But Tobias refused to accept the role until Chernarus was sorted. After all, it wasn’t just another business venture, a good friend who helped him through a tough time was still lost and he wasn’t going to let him disappear, not like Cynthia, never like Cynthia. It was expensive, very expensive and borderline illegal. Tobias suited up, joined alongside his brother Jedidiah who wanted to help and keep Tobias safe. Upon arriving in the country, the landscape was scarred with conflict and blood long spilt. Tobias understood why Igor loved his country despite everything that happened here, it was hard, it required an individual to be tough and to have a firm resolve. Visiting the site of their Chernarus operation, the building was torched and looted during the epidemic. All the papers and resources were lost. Tobias found no trace of Igor, investigating with the local police was useless and the locals were highly suspicious of foreigners arriving. Tobias was ready to return home with the disappointing news when the gravest of incidents occurred: another major outbreak had occurred. Tobias was caught in the crosshairs of a collapsing country and a devastating outbreak. Not even money could help him escape, the military had completely sealed off the region within the months. Driving to an airfield to illegally escape, Tobias and his brother barely survived a robbery at gunpoint. The driver wasn’t so lucky. Those bandits took the very plane he hoped to escape on, and yet fortune favored him once more. That place found itself at the bottom of the sea, shot down by the military quarantine orders. Stuck in this place, this place of death and chaos, oh the horrors one might lament. Tobias lost one love, searched for another and now may end up joining them if he cannot survive and escape from this place.
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