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  1. Pat was born in Donegal to a religious family, after reading into deep history and philosophy he found a book that mentioned the mysterious "Temple of the Spirits" in Maine, United States. He scrounged enough money to move to Maine in search of the Temple. After researching, searching and following clues, he eventually found the Temple of the Spirits. He vowed from that day forward to worship the temple and be it's protector. He found like minded people also searching for the Temple and they banded together to protect it and keep out money grabbing fucks from destroying the temple and taking artefacts to sell.
  2. @Rover would there be a possibility of completely reverting to the old Chernarus map, that doesn't include the northern cities and north eastern cities? As seen below.
  3. I voted yes by mistake. I like character pages, they shouldn't be removed. It's a good asset for the for the community.
  4. I mean, normally the playerbase should increase during summer times (School holidays and what not) not massively decrease, and not to mention there's a global pandemic going on, with countries on lockdown etc which should increase the numbers. "It's summer so the playerbase is lower" seems like a bad excuse for what's actually happening on the server. Hopefully the release of Deer Isle will be a nice change to the server, and I'm looking forward to it's release.
  5. Yerdas was born in Istanbul, his family owned a beauty company in Turkey. When he turned 18, he moved to England for University in Economics, he then went to Scotland for his second year, then New York for the third then Chernarus for his Fourth. He passed his economics course and then opened up the first family beauty office overseas, it was located in Chernarus. During the civil war his company flourished with soldiers and refugees demanding beauty products. He was Pro-Russian in the election. Once the lockdown was imposed, the family company was dying quickly in Chernarus and Yerdas wasn't able to leave Chernarus and he now survives in the jungle with his friend Jojo and Jojo's younger brother Agu.
  6. I am simply responding to what @Para was saying about the Russian Lore Faction, which I have every right to discuss and express my opinion as a member of a community. I was then asked a question by @Marik and I responded.
  7. It's referring to RF Lore Faction members getting upset and leaving because things were not going there way. Harsh, but it's true.
  8. I think you've missed read my post, the last part "Like I said, staff didn't cause the problems, you did " wasn't directed towards you. Don't worry @Para you've been doing tons of work for the server.
  9. I don't think Staff were the main reason that the Russians left. However there were certain actions that the Staff team should've taken a couple of days/weeks before the lore-wipe, which were not, and ultimately was the first sign of the looming dangers. Now, the Russians leaving a few weeks into the new lore wasn't in the entirely on the staff team, however I believe the staff should've given the Lore Faction leaders more flexibility on what they could've done as a group. I also wasn't expecting veteran role-players to slump so far to the point they began Cheating on a role player server, and then ultimately hiding said Cheater with his new account on the server. Like I said, staff didn't cause the problems, you did Roleplayer, Challenger
  10. I am speaking from next to no knowledge on Arma Development, so please excuse my limited knowledge. As @Shroud rightly pointed out, the mod doesn't seem to crash other servers. Has it been tested without the DayZRP mod enabled? Also mods that we have used before that got removed because of "Crashing the server" seem to work fine on other servers, with a ton of extra mods added on top (MFC weapons or whatever it was called for example).
  11. photo of clf soldiers heading into battle against the RAC forces


    1. AndreyQ



  12. mfw I see the brand new Griefing Report 


    1. Jamie


      mfw i see this status update


    2. Challenger


      mfw an irrelevant Legend pipes up


    3. Jamie


      mfw nolan/asriel/sung 2.0 appears



    4. TurkRP



    5. Challenger



    6. Jamie



    7. Challenger



    8. Jamie



    9. GMAK


      Stop fighting guys we're all friends here, we're all roleplayers, lets get along. 🥰

    10. Challenger


      nah @GMAK im about to steal @Jamie's plants and take his notes. Whatcha gonna do about?

    11. Jamie



    12. Cuchulainn


      Mfw I breathe oxygen 

      Meditation Self Care GIF by MOODMAN


    13. Banshee


      My face when MFW


    14. GMAK


      mfw yall gay



    15. Jamie



    16. Empress Midori

      Empress Midori

      Nice shitpost. 10/10

    17. Whitename


      >my face when tfw 


  13. Can't see this going horribly wrong, we can't even fix the regular flu system. Seems like a receipe for disaster if we add an entire new mod on top of it. Broken legs would be neat though, but it's still -1 for me.
  14. Civil? This is an absolute outrage, I want to be able to fucking kill Zeds like I can kill GTA Civilians, one shot, one kill.
  15. This shouldn't and should never be a thing. Unfortunately groups just don't work out for whatever reason, whether it be IRL related or other oocly motivated things. Adding this rule would actually hurt the server, as it would scare people to make groups with fear of punishment. As most people know groups are incredibly volatile as witnessed recently with staff ran lore-groups. We should be encouraging people to create groups, not discouraging them with a punishment of not being able to join other "official groups" if their group doesn't work for some reason. EDIT: Also this rule would be entirely pointless, as anyone could come up with a reason on why they are archiving, it's not difficult to bullshit a reason.
  16. I beg to differ good sir, please see the video below. This video proves that not only can you shoot from a pocket, you can keep your gun stored in your pocket.
  17. Relax big man, he's talking about the freedom loving american ROLEPLAYING characters, no need to take offence to it.
  18. I have done this too. This is simply a problem that needs to be sorted IC, and not OOCly on the forums.
  19. Let me name a few, they come to our country take our jobs, food, farms, houses, women and men. In all honestly it seems you got robbed and lost your grandfathers M4 and you're a little upset about it.
  20. Sucks to suck man. Imagine being upset about Chernarussians being annoyed at Foreigners coming to their country and making a mess. It's almost like this is a roleplaying server and not a PvE server where everyone's buddy buddy.
  21. Thanks dude 


  22. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: I don't believe it's fair because it was literally banter between me and Azu, I'm not sure what Azu thinks about it, that's up to him to decide. Like I've said before it doesn't warrant a "Flame" warning, it's literally a joke. If I had posted that on the forums, staff would've looked and left, in one ear and out the other. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Like I've said above, if I had posted that on the forums, nothing would've came of it. It was literally a light hearted joke. It does not warrant you getting 5 warning points. What I have done happens on discord on a daily basis without warning. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned from discord, and points removed. What could you have done better?: Not posted a joke? Not trying to have a little bit of fun. EDIT: After speaking with Azu, he's requested for me to be unbanned and I assume it doesn't bother him.
  24. Posting a video of Turkish migrants getting beat up and Turkish Military Personnel getting killed directly to a member of Turkish descent is racist, don't try to cover that up. You are being treated differently because of your OOC incidents, including the Racism, scripted lore, etc. You know what you done was racist, you won't admit it though.
  25. What's this thread even about? You're literally complaining about something you caused. There is no anti-groovy boy mentality on the server, you are not that important don't flatter yourself. Your "OOC Leader" and another said member should've been banned straight away for blatant racism against another member of the community on the discord. However from what I know because the racism against another member was done days before a lore wipe, these members were spared so the server could function properly and not have a major lore faction screwed up within days of the new lore. You only have yourselves to blame for blowing the opportunity. (THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS ON THE SITUATION, NO ONE ELSES.)
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