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    House Call [Strict IC Recruitment]

    @CuchulainnThis might be the perfect group for you! Anyway good luck lads.
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    Lore Wipe Discussion

    I for one approve of a lore wipe, imagine the new story lines, the new groups. It would be magical.
  3. Challenger

    Get rid of forums or minimize it...

    I have to agree with @Shanoby, this is a fantastic idea, it would massively decrease the toxic behaviour that the server receives at some points.
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    • Challenger
    • Ryan Shepherd

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    Discord Ban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: It was fair, I memed too much Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was memeing on the discord, nothing else to add. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned What could you have done better?: Not memed other members of community
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    Thanks @C-J

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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    How could you let an old man die @Drbeans and your big nosed friend? Shocking behaviour.
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    Elddis Scrap Yard Media Thread

    Good day for us Joyces
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    Gear Hoarding

    I actually believe, without my Gear, my roleplay will be at a significant disadvantage, as I am unable to roleplay without it. How does my military special forces roleplay look when I rock up with my capri pants, hoodie and converse on? The only way I can maximise my Special Forces roleplay is by having, M4: Multicam, Tacticool Helmet, NVGs, Silencers, Flashlights and lazers. Therefore, I have my base near debug, with all the items necessary. Then when those hostile roleplayers decided to rob me, and kill me. I have a stash I can go to for brand new gear to continue providing my military special forces roleplay.
  12. Challenger

    Discord Ban Apple

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): n/a Why the verdict is not fair: I may have memed a bit too much Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Was just having a friendly conversation about the Wolfpack base, and they got tyred of the criticism/feedback? What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned What could you have done better?: Close my gob after a while
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    OOC in IC

    Then report them, it's very simple.
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    Visiting your trucks soon
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    Dobry den motherfuckers

    1. DrMax


      Dekuji for this post 

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      That's great banter.

  17. Patrick Joyce was born in Longford, he’s was right crazy bastard. They lived in an Elddis Caravan in Longford. There was Patrick, his brother, mother and father. His father was a common criminal, him and some lads at the camp used to go around stealing led off peoples homes. He was also one of the best fighters in the Region. Therefore he taught his two sons how to fight. Once Patrick was of legal age to leave school, his father made that decision. The night he was taken out of School, Patrick and his brother joined their father in his Transit van. They went to a local building site that was installing new copper cables during the night, and started taking it to sell to the local trader. Patrick followed his father in his pursuit of crime. He and his father went around stealing: Copper, Lead, and electronics. Paddy came up with the bright idea of offering their services to anyone who needed builders. They’d let the customers buy materials and pay them. Once this was done, Paddy and his father took the supplies and never to be seen again. Paddy was also heavily involved in the fighting business, winning multiple fights and taking down families. Unfortunately due to health reasons he was unable to continue the fighting. He then became the coach for his brothers sons, Donovan, Tommylee and the others. They went county to county winning bare knuckle tournaments. They decided to travel to Chernarus, as those Russians bastards are quite tough. Quickly they got into a feud with the Dimitri family. They continued their usual antics of common criminality, while continuing the fighting.
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    Killing Compliant Hostages

    It was a nice winter evening, nearing Christmas time. Some lads and I from the Trade Union were heading towards the Wolfpack Compound, which reminds me of the Tower of London Fortress. Those bloody bastards! We are suddenly met by a truck full of men, turns out they were friends, some of The Time, and co. Anyways, we decided it would be a fantastic to join them on their quest. We were heading down south towards the Azkaban, listening to music, and having banter on our journey. We were going to say hello to our corporation friends. Suddenly, as we’re about to near the Azkaban, we seen a large group of men resembling Chernaruski Bandits! Screams were heard from the truck in fear, as we thought it was our time. For some reason, these Chernaruski decided to runaway, it baffled most of us. Our driver of the day, big bad Vlad, stomped on the breaks! Most of the occupants of the truck gave chase, and went after the Chernaruskis. One of the Time catches one of these Chernaruskis, and decided to interrogate her, she ultimately refused to move to the truck to continue a nice conversation, so the men from the Time took her. She was warned multiple times by the Time to drop her radio, she didn’t and she was shot. I was taken a back by these Chernaruskis as they left one of their “Bratari’s” behind to get taken. The Time took what they need from the woman. We moved back to our truck and parked near the lighthouse across from Azkaban. As the day progressed, the weather was awfully foggy, so our Snipers were unable to get any information or provide security. Myself, some boys, and the Time began to swim over to the island, I tell you this now boys, it was bloody freezing. We got to shore of the Island, dried ourselves off and made way to the front gates of Azkaban. We were thinking, we must have really have shocked those Dementor Corporation because they were no where to be seen. We had previously visited Azkaban the other day, they were armed to the teeth, we took most of their stuff, and made way. Anyhow different story, different day. We swim back across, and we move back to the truck. Big Bad Vlad advised us we needed fuel, so we continued our journey along the coast to find a petrol station. Some of the boys were trading their “Roger Coins”. I didn’t understand it myself, must be some thing that’s kept in-house. With more music, and banter we arrived at the petrol station. Big Bad Vlad filled us up, and we made haste down the coast line. We were feeling like we were Jack Sparrow, after stealing the Interceptor from the rabid Royal Navy, the speed we were going was unbelievable. Suddenly, Ivan Volkov, glourious leader of Trade Union, decided to slam the emergency break. Scaring everyone inside. After being warned multiple times about going through Pavlovo, Big Bad Vlad refused to listen! With more music, we headed through a checkpoint. Suddenly, large amount of gunfire erupted and our truck was under fire. It felt like the scene out of Ironman, when Tony was taken. Shots everywhere, men dying, boys were falling left, right and centre. I seen Big Bad Vlad, jump out and start to return fire, he killed one and was taken down quickly. I was in the truck, unable to move probably because of the shock. I am executed suddenly and shot in the head without orders.
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    @Ryan Shepherd I have no words


    1. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      Its not about the journey, its about the finish line.

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      veyr nice


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    The Trade Union (Open Recruitment)

    Yes, it's quite ambitious, and long term. We do plan on staying long term, however you never know what happens. How do we plan on working towards the goal? It's simple, read the other goals that we have, and that answers your question. Establish Connection Between 2 Camps Inform local population Create a base of operation Recruit 20 clerks These above goals also coincide with Day 1245. All above attribute to the societal rebuild. Thanks for the feedback
  22. Paddy Kinahan was born in a poor family, he grew up around crime, drugs, gangs and so on. His father was never there for him, and his mother was a drunk. Too avoid falling into the wrong crew, he decided to join his local gym, and learned Martial Arts. This toughened him up. After seeing what happened to his neighbourhood, he decided to join the Garda. During his training, the Garda were impressed with his training and ability. As soon as he finished training, he was recruited in to the CSB Branch in the Garda. He was assigned to an undercover unit, and he was tasked with infiltrating a cell of UVF located in Donegal, and surrounding towns in the North. He worked alongside the Directorate of Military Intelligence on his undercover duty. After the successful take down of the UVF cell, he impressed people and was recruited as an Agent in the Directorate of Military Intelligence. While in the Directorate, he was assigned to a new task, an American-Irishmen who was wanted for multiple charges (Rape, Assassination, and so on) was spotted in a port town near Cork, getting ready to leave. Unfortunately the Directorate were too slow in stopping him. They knew that they were heading to Chernarus, however the Directorate weren’t able to pursue. However, in Langley the CIA were sending agents, and a SAD team to intercept in Chernarus. Paddy was invited along with the CIA. When he arrived in Chernarus, Paddy and the SAD team quickly took down the American. While he was in country he soon realised how bad it was. With his past experiences, he decided to leave the Directorate and offer services to Anti-Communist groups. The CIA were heavily supporting the NAPA forces at the time, providing support, training and equipment. The CIA recruited Paddy to assist. The SAD unit in country were also heavily involved in Ambushes on local Communists, assassinations of Pro-Communist Members. He operated with the CIA and NAPA up until the Apocalypse. He moved into the mountains to seek protection. Once he knew he was safe, he resurfaced and provided his skills to local groups.
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  24. 栗林ヒロ Hiro was born in Tokyo, his parents were wealthy business owners in Tokyo. His grandfather was a colonel in the Imperial Japanese Army, and fought throughout the war, up until his death at Okinawa, when he sacrificed himself for the Emperor. His son, Hiro’s father was only 17 at the time of his death. As his father was an Officer in the Army. He encouraged his son to join the Kempetai. Having connections he was easily recruited to become a Kempetai Office. Unfortunately the Americans dropped Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and his training was quickly finished. The family moved up north until the end of the war. They moved back into Tokyo. His father was taught the Samurai way, the Kempetai Way, and god save the Emperor. His father would do anything to protect Japan and the Emperor. Unfortunately many higher ups were siding with the Emperor, and he followed their decision. Hiro was born in 1970. From an early age his Father forced his Imperial way on his son, death before dishonour. He beat him until he realised, there is no greater man than the Emperor. His father was an imperialist and he was able to get his son into a secret Imperial Cult. Hiro was trained, as were the fine young men that fought at Okinawa, Iwo Jima, China, Singapore and so on. Death before dishonour.
  25. Challenger

    The Saviors [Open Recruitment]

    In all seriousness, it's nice to see you boys back. Can't wait for more adventures at Novaya.
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