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  1. Javier Johnson, is the long lost son of John Johnson Sr. Javier was a disowned son, as his father has a naughty night, and got Maria (Javier's Mother) pregnant. Javier moved to Los Angeles with his mother, they lived in a very deprived area. He went through school, found out that he had a brother and that they worked for a construction company. Javier eager to impress, decided to try to get into the construction business. He soon, became a worker on the cranes, he built and disassembled the cranes. Javier was eager to meet his brother, he learned that he was in Chernarus doing his construction work. Javier bought a flight in the attempt to find his long lost brother. Javier is still trying to find out what happened to John Johnson Jr.
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    Anarchy [Open Recruitment]

    Nice to see my old group back! Surely this means I can get added to the roster as I am an OG? @JimRP
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Yeah man, was absolutely amazing the RP we had together. Again, quality rolep from yourself!
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    Domorodci Media Thread

    We Chernarussians do not need heads
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    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

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    Thanks for the roleplay, always an enjoyable experience.

  10. The Dragovich’s were born in the north near Kamensk. He was the 6th Child in the family, and being the youngest, he had no interest from his mother and father. His father was a drunk, and his mother was too far lost to be recovered, she was abused everyday by their father. Being located near the Military Base of Kamensk, his town commonly had CDF, NAPA, and ChDKZ forces in the area fighting for control. During some fighting, Pro-Communist forces moved into the town, and began raiding the homes, shops, and what not. Oleg’s father and older siblings decided it would be wise to confront the Communists. His father was taken, and so were his siblings. Luckily for Oleg his mother hid him in the basement. His Father, Mother and Siblings were all shot in the street for disobedience. He watched it all while hiding. A few days later, CDF, and a batch of UN Officials arrived in the town and took Oleg and other children to a UN Camp down south. Oleg witnessed horrible things happen at the UN Camp and the surrounding are. He witnessed, Murder, Rape, Torture, beatings and more. The perpetrators of these acts were mostly UN Volunteers, and various charitable organisations. He was also subject to abuse. This made Oleg insane, and became rather unstable. His hate for anything Non-Chernarussian boomed. He hated everything and anything that wasn’t Chernarussian in his country. He and a few friends who were at the camp ran away, and decided to try and join the local NAPA forces, unfortunately, Oleg was ruled insane and wasn’t allowed in. However he was given supplies to stay alive. With the supplies he was given, he started doing some recce on the UN Camp where he once lived. He attacked the camp, and tried to kill as many foreign as possible. He was captured by local police and was sent to a Maximum Security Mental Asylum in the woods near Kamenka. This did not help his mental health at all, and began going down a spiral and his hate got even worse. Through the next months of his time inside, there was a week that the Doctors, Guards and Nurses were not coming to visit. The next week there was an escape, and he was helped by fellow inmates and escaped. He is now in the wilderness, doing what he loves, protecting his nation and his people. Ridding Chernarus of the evil.
  11. Dima was born in Kabino, Chernarus in the summer of '89. An only child to father Yevgeni Petrov who was a Soviet soldier until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 when Chernarus gained it's independence, from then on Marko served in the Chernarussian Defence Force. His mother was a nurse who aided the CDF whenever she could during the civil war in 2009. The Petrov family was a military family for generations, Dima always knew he would eventually join when he was of age. He idolized his father and his father loved his son, they would go on hunter trips together when Marko was on leave from the army. Dima was around firearms from a young age, his father got him his own Mosin-Nagant for his tenth birthday and he became familiar with the inner workings of it, learning how to maintain his weapon, proper safety techniques and of course becoming adept at shooting it. He later bought a AKM Kalashnikov from military surplus and familiarized himself with it as it would be the gun he used when deployed with the CDF. Weeks before being deployed his father was killed while on a peacekeeping mission assisting the UN in Takistan. This crushed Dima but he knew how proud his father would of been when he graduated and began serving in the CDF. Still distraught by his fathers sudden death completed basic training and was assigned to the 76th Mechanized Battalion, apart of the 93rd Bridge, stationed at Balota Airfield in South Zagoria. He was stationed here until 2009 when a young Dima got his first sight of combat with the out break of the Chernarussian Civil War against the Movement of the Red Star (Chedaki). He witnessed multiple atrocities committed by them and grew to hate them, often committing just as vicious acts against them as a sadistic form of payback. The war waged on and Dima adjusted to the violence becoming numb the horrors or war and only had his mind set on defeating the Chedaki and restoring Chernarus to its former glory. The war eventually ended in a hard fought victory for Chernarus and for the next few years Dima was deployed with the UNFORT Chernarussian Defence Forces conducted peacekeeping operations within Takistan until early 2017 when the initial outbreak occurred and he was redeployed to back to Chernarus.
  12. Paddy O’Neill was born in Donegal, Ireland. His family lived on the council estate. He being the youngest of the family was picked on by his brothers, and they all enjoyed fighting. While going through school he was a very un-interested in School and was always fighting with the others. After being kicked out of numerous schools, his parents gave up on him and kicked him out. His eldest brother was also kicked out from home. He recently joined up with his friend who lived with the local traveller family. His brother took Paddy with him. These travellers were heavily into their bare knuckle fighting. Paddy tried to prove himself to the family. He fought the best of the family, and eased to victory. The head of the family, was very impressed with him. So he was signed up to fight with the nearby rival families. After beating the majority these other families. The travellers moved onto Manchester, England. While in England, he fought with a Romanian Family. Unfortunately he was beaten by the Romanians, and suffered a big eye wound, causing a scar below his eye. The family were not happy being embarrassed by Romanians. So he and his brother were kicked out. After being kicked out, his Brother used his connections gained, and they now competed in the underworld bare knuckle fighting competitions. Their tour took them from, England to France, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and then finally Chernarus. They were fighting in the town of Kamenka. They were successful in Chernarus, and while they were going to move onto their new destination, the airports, trainlines, and docks were all shut down, with an warning alarm. The apocalypse was upon them. After surviving the first weeks, while on a scavenge, his brother was trapped and caught, he sacrificed himself for Paddy. Paddy to this day still goes on with his trade of bare knuckle fighting.
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    Wrestlemania: Chernogorsk


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    Decrease the spawn of NVGs?

    1. As you said it's about the "Gaming Experience". After all this is a Zombie Apocaylpse Roleplaying Server that's currently been two years since it started (Correct me if I am wrong, I am not entirely how long its been). Surely the majority of people running around with NVGs on a "Zombie Apocalypse" server would actually be a negative experience? I think having less NVGs will actually make the server more enjoyable for people at nighttime, e.g. setting up camp, making fires, etc, and actually making different decisions to protect themselves, rather than popping the NVGs and strolling through towns seeing everyone and everything. 2. As Elijah said above, he found 6 at Tisy. Fair enough, some people might not be able to find them, however I've found my fair few strolling about. 3. I only bring up the lore side, because there's plenty of times I have seen perfectly reasonable items not being added because it doesn't fit the "Lore". After all the lore has a massive impact on the gaming experience, hence why it's normally brought up. 4. I am not going to disagree with anything said there, more than perfect points.
  15. Jabatunde was born in Kenya, his family owned a local farm in Marsabit. Jabatunde worked on the farm, and was worked hard by his Father. He did not want to pursue a career in Farming. He was disowned by his father. Jabatunde always enjoyed art, and had a fascination of photography. Before he left the family farm, he took the family Konica Camera with him. He lived with his best friend in Marsabit after he was removed from the family. His friend worked with the UN and was then deployed to Chernarus as an advisor/learning experience with the forces there. Jabatunde, not knowing what to do decided to also go to Chernarus, which his friend paid for. He declared himself as a war photographer. He followed his friends unit throughout the country. He soon fell into love with the country, and decided to stay while his friend left. He also became lonely and then quite insane, and started experiencing PTSD while in country. After the apocalypse happened, he decided to continue taking pictures.
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