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  1. Met this group a few times now, provided some exceptional roleplay, and a big shout out to the man himself @TurkRP
  2. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://gyazo.com/b023e3dcd1d49d052abe89ef0f5ccda1 Why the verdict is not fair: The only part of this “Warning” I can even begin to understand is “Sucks to suck” however come on, it’s literally a little bit of banter, I have seen far worse said on the discord without a punishment. However, the rest is legitimate criticism and which probably a lot people agree/have agreed with. As said by @Peril in his statement archiving the group: https://gyazo.com/09bdc890d4a73d354cf7b590be8fdb14 As stated, “The jump from Ski Resorts or attendees to a ragtag militia looking to rid a major city of military forces is quite drastic one that we can’t quite follow the reasoning behind.” I have basically said the same thing and generalised it. I still don’t know why this has been classed as “Flame” and the same goes with “You can deny it all you want, but you know it’s true” it's not flame. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As said above, I am bit confused on why this has been classed as flaming. There was only one instance of “Flame” and even that is stretching the realms of what flame is. If I said the exact same thing on the forums it would’ve went without punishment and then ignored for not being flame, but I imagine it has something do with my discord history. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned from the discord What could you have done better?: I shouldn't have said "Sucks to suck" as a joke, and understood it might offend people. I am still quite baffled, I don't really understand why me giving someone criticism about his group is classed as "Flaming" if someone could please let me know, that'd be great.
  3. Thanks for the roleplay @Jackfish, @Duke, @Maybelele and the people at the church.
  4. People are quite upset that the Russians and RAC are getting bodied. They don't want to have to deal with another Chernarussian group, and want you to join the CLF so they can claim "Scripted Roleplay". The group looks solid and has some good people in it. I wish you boys the best of luck.
  5. This group can be archived, we lack motivation to play atm. thanks
  6. Thanks for the roleplay today @Ducky & co. Fun to see a Police group kicking about.
  7. I have seen that all of your members haven't played in quite a while, some havent even been on in a month. Do you guys plan on playing? I was excited to see this group in-game.
  8. The Bastards are an organisation formed while in Storozh Prison, they were foreign volunteers for the Nationalists, during the war. The group was formed by Anton, Woodrow, and other foreign fighters after they were taken into custody by ChDKZ. They suffered all kinds of abuse during their time in prison murder, torture, psychological abuse. The Bastards got their name from the Warden of the Block where the Foreigners were stationed. He called the foreigners “Bastards”. After the abuse the foreigners got, they decided once they got out of Prison, that they’d act upon revenge on the government forces, and the Russian Army. Therefore calling themselves the “Bastards”. With the start of the civil war in Chernarus, ChDKZ forces moving quickly and destroying Nationalist forces. There was a cry (?) for volunteers on the Nationalist front. Many foreigners with Chernarussian Heritage began volunteering. Anton arrived in Chernarus on 21/09/09. He was dispatched to a local commander in the region of Miroslavl. He was assigned to a unit that also consisted of Foreign Volunteers, where he met the founding members of The Bastards. After completing basic weapons and training, the unit was moved west towards the town of Kirovograd. Upon arrival, the fighting quickly ensued. The town was besieged, the fighting was bloody. Daily skirmishes with Russians and ChDKZ, with hand-to-hand combat becoming a daily occurrence, you could hear the enemy through the walls. The Bastards witnessed all kinds of horrible acts, and also partook in them as well. Seeing there captured comrades executed on the spot, bodies everywhere, the stench was unbearable.. They have seen more death than anyone should’ve in their lifetime. This battle, dubbed as the “Stalingrad of Chernarus” was one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the Chernarus. Once all was lost in Kirovograd, the remaining men of the unit escaped the town and moved east back to Miroslavl. Upon arrival they were quickly dispatched to defensive locations. Russian and Lopotevs forces were closing in on Miroslavl. The town was quickly encircled, and forces moving in. With fierce fighting and command losing hope, many units evacuated and disbanded. The Bastards remained until last days of the war, and escaped to the outskirts through the sewers and rat tunnels. Early morning on the 24th of January 2009, Anton and other members of the Bastards are trying to escape the country to avoid being captured, tortured or even killed. They arrived under darkness towards Electro Docks, and are about to board a freighter that was heading towards Romania. The truck hauling the container they were in was intercepted by Government Forces. They are all swiftly taken out of the truck, tied up. The Officer questioned all of them, figured out who was a Chernarussian Native and who was foreign. Once finding this information out, the Office executed the Chernarussian Nationals, and took the Foreigners to a nearby farm, they didn’t execute the foreigners as they didn’t want to be in bad light with the West. The foreigners were tortured for information and then handed over to the local police to be sent prison. Upon arrival at Storozh Prison, they were moved to Block 17 which was mixed between Chernarussians and Foreigners. The Bastards being mostly foreigners and being the enemy, they weren’t given good rations, they were packed in cells like sardines. The guards knew that the Bastards were involved in Kirovograd, they were extremely harsh towards them. Routinely people from Block 17 would be taken off-site and tortured, the guards done unspeakable things, including the Block Officer. People were coming back with broken bones, bloody noses, nearly dead and some wouldn’t return. There were several uprising in the Block 17 due to the nature of what was happening to the men. This gained them the reputation of being basterds. With the world wide news that Russia had now became the owners of Occupied Chernarus, the behaviour inside Storozh quickly changed, as Russia do not want to be known for torturing Westerners especially since they wanted to be on the good side of the West. Storozh Prison’s leadership was quickly changed. The torturing stopped, people were getting their own cells. As being foreign, the home countries of the majority of Foreigners wanted them to be released. Russia agreed, and the main members of Bastards were placed under house arrest, in the town of Chernogorsk. With the experiences they went through during the war and their time in Prison, the Basterds wanted revenge. They weren’t planning on leaving. Using contacts that were already in Chernarus they were planning to escape and rage guerilla warfare on Government Forces and specifically hunt down former Prison guards. With government forces entirely focused on dealing with the epidemic, the Bastards used this opportunity and with the help of their Chernarussian Contact, they took out the guards and headed north towards Stary Sobor. With their experiences in Kirovograd, the Siege of Miroslavl and Storozh Prison, this strengthened their cause and hatred against Lopotev and Russia, they would not stop until they were all killed or Chernarus was once Nationalist again. Founders: Anton Sternberg - @Challenger Woodrow Jirik - @neom Shepherd Reginald "Tiny" Mijailovic - @Roman Teppei Kladivo - @Cuchulainn Jan Sokol - @Queerios Slim Wise - @Jerry Kieran MacMahon - @Banshee Casper Jahovich - @Rutkiy Members: - Establish and maintain an espionage ring within Chernarus [Indefinite] - Find out information on the ongoing spread of infection. [30 days] - Contact any remaining nationalists still operating within Chernaurs and attempt to gain an alliance. [45 days] - Establish a Merchant's shop in Berezino to act as a front for the Espionage Ring [50 Days] - Use the Merchant shop for funding for Weapons, supplies and payment for the Espionage ring [75 days] - Find information on former Storozh Prisons Guards that are still alive [Indefinite] - Attempt to recruit former Russian and RAC soldiers [0/2] [Indefinite] Recruitment: CLOSED Thanks to @neom Shepherd for the graphics. Please leave any feedback and I will respond.
  9. Challenger

    Grekov Gang

    How about you take a screenshot of the first page of that Britannica website, rather than showing pictures from google. Infact, I'll do it for you. I don't see any mention of Adidas or Hardbass. You're embarrassing yourself here.
  10. Challenger

    Grekov Gang

    I honestly don't know if you're trolling or not. There is more to the "Slav" than Adidas and hardbass, but of course you wouldn't mention that because you're trying to push your own agenda. https://www.dictionary.com/browse/slav https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavs Edit: As @Whitename said, you're portraying "Gopniks" rather than Slavs.
  11. Anton was born in the Newman, Western Australia. , his mother was Chernarussian, and his father was German. His father was an Ashkenazi Jew, and the whole family believed in Judaism. The Sternbergs owned a farm, and were successful within Newman. His father was an avid hunter and normally took trips to the Outback and hunted. Anton moved to Perth to study economics, and while studying in university his father died, and his mother was placed in care. The Chernarussian Crisis was in full swing and was crying out for volunteers, wanting to respect his mother and fight for his homeland, Anton signed up with NAPA and shipped out. He was deployed to Kirovograd and fought there and was then moved to defend Miroslavl. He was caught by Russian and Lopotevs forces in Electro and spent 10 years in prison. He came out of Prison a changed man after the horrors of the war and prison. He devoted himself to once again raise the Nationalist flag above Chernarus again.
  12. it was good when it lasted but I will be taking my leave now
  13. @groovy cali Welcome back to the group, would've lacked without you in it.
  14. The family travelled around the country after their mother died, they began a carnival and went around showing off the skills. His older brother was quite insane, he wanted to recreate the Shmopovo Regime. The Shmpovo family wanted to control South Zagoria, it would be quite the task seeing as, the Shmopovs were poor, homeless and were not nice at all. They were bums, but they had no choice growing up in poverty. No one helped when their mother died, they had to feed themselves, wash and clean themselves. Scavenge anything they could find. Khristov, the youngest, decided to follow in the foot steps of his brother. They are still going around showing off the carnival to the people of South Zagoria.
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