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  1. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://imgur.com/a/qlxNMbB Why the verdict is not fair: This verdict is entirely fair, however, what I am confused about. Myself and other members of the Joyce family, were verbally warned by @Hofer about cutting out the little digs, which I spoke to him, and then agreed, and even offered to speak with said members that were receiving digs. I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, as we and accused party have had back and forth banter before, which I thought they didn't mind and clearly I was wrong. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: There was some serious discussion about neutrality etc. Then it devolved into some memeing. Then some members of the community joined in and were upset about something, so I decided to throw out some memes, and have a little banter. Which wasn't taken well, resolving in @Hofer being involved, and telling myself and others to stop or a permanent ban would be applied to discord, which I then spoke with @Hofer and agreed to stop. My ban is quite surprising considering everyone could see the convo. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned from Discord (Again) What could you have done better?: Realised my "Banter" might actually be affecting others, and think about what I say on discord before typing.
  2. Cleetus was born into a farming family, he taught all kinds of farming things. He wasn't allowed to go to school, and was home-schooled. Cleetus mainly drove the tractors, he was also in charge of running personnel at time to time. Cleetus had an incident with his female cousin at the farm, which resulted in both of them getting disowned from the family. Cleetus then took the name Broadfoot, taking the name because of his Scottish heritage. Cleetus, then moved to Livonia to offer his Murican farming techniques, and he was unable to travel back to the land of the free because of the border restrictions with the zombies and all that.
  3. @HDragon @Mademoiselle
  4. Another day Hello lads, just wanted to post a little bit of feedback after that situation at the Prison. I want to say GGs to slaughtering us, it was good fun. However, the way you guys went around the whole situation left me a bit disappointed. Myself, and three others get information from @Dr Brandon that someone stole our truck and he spotted it in Tarnow, so we follow and eventually found the truck. Once we arrive instantly everyone begins to runaway, and I say “I want my truck back”, and I am met with no response at all, as we continue to attempt to engage in roleplay we are met with no response. Continuing to engage in some interesting roleplay, no response. When suddenly a man comes behind, without saying anything and blasted three of us behind. My issue, as stated in some of your goals e.g. “Provide High end Antagonistic and Torture RP” and “Teach and Improve new members hostile and torture RP”. I didn’t witness any of that. How I imagine it went down in comms “Everyone runaway, don’t talk to them, wait for me to get behind, I’ll give you the word, and we’ll shoot them all”. This situation could’ve been handled 100% better, not only have myself and my dynamic missed out on some good roleplay, you and your group have lost out on some good roleplay. As per your goals, you could’ve shown your newer members (Which I believe you have a few) some good hostile roleplay. You clearly had the numerical advantage and had the ability to initiate and take us hostage. Instead of taking us hostages, you used your kills rights (Which were valid) to have a quick firefight, instead of prioritising roleplay. I also would’ve appreciated if instead of your entire group turning into mutes, maybe one or two could’ve engaged in some roleplay? Not a single member of 5.0.3 said a single word to us when we arrived, or during the entire situation. But within seconds after we die, you can see the VOD link at the bottom, everyone is screaming, and having fun once we are dead. But you didn’t engage in active roleplay before we were dead? Being a leading member of the community @CJ. I did expect better from yourself and your group. None the less, gg in the fight, have a good one! @02:03:22
  5. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: The verdict is totally fair, as per the rules I have broken by talking about permanently banned players, which is not allowed. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Myself, and a few others were talking about the Saviours, after discussing the big firefights and what not. People began to talk about John M****y. Their former leader was being discussed, with a few members of the community that seemed glad that he was banned, however myself and GMAK thought that the removal of the one that we do not speak about, was quite harsh and removed a special dynamic to the server. This seemed to annoy John M****y’s former sidekick. I then advocated from bringing back John M****y. Which ultimately lead to my points, and then lead to my removal from the DayZRP Discord. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be unbanned from the Discord, I have thought through this and I would like prove to the staff members of the DayZRP Community that I can behave on the discord. What could you have done better?: I shouldn’t have spoken about John M****y on the DayZRP Discord. I should’ve then realised that talking/glorifying permanently removed players was bad on the DayZRP Discord, and would result in myself getting in trouble.
  6. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): n/a Why the verdict is not fair: Points were fair, but being booted from the Discord was a bit harsh Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:Not much more to explain, the points were fair. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Unbanned from discord What could you have done better?: Not talked about John Moody
  7. How are ye bud?

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      Ryan Shepherd

      IMgood too

    3. Cuchulainn
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      Nae cunt cares 

  8. @Ryan Shepherd @Banshee I cannot post in the council forums, however I am going to have to -1 your Prefab. You do not have 20ft high walls surrounding your compound with only one or two entrances, nor do you have multiple big defendable buildings within your compound. How on earth are you going to store your gear in the staff approved settlements. Please change this as it does not meet with current standards of improving my zombie apocalypse roleplay.  Thanks.

    1. Queerios


      No room to stack 12 gates one after the other, -1

    2. PhoenyxxRP


      I Couldnt Agree More GIF by YoungerTV

  9. William is that you?


  10. Wait! Someone blew the petrol station right next to my base up? Blasphemy, I shall immediately report to the forums and have this removed. Unacceptable for people to try and blow up the petrol stations to gain control of the fuel supply. This suggestion seems to be made because someone is upsetti-spaghetti that they can't have an unlimited supply of fuel right next to there base. Like others have said, this could be IC fuelled to lure you to another petrol station, etc. -1 Roleplay it out and quit your bitching.
  11. DayZRP Base Building 101:


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      OMG, imgflip.com ?

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      Very IQ

  13. Me and the boys when we find a perfectly working helicopter to get back to Chernarus 


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