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  1. Paddy, was from Derry, Northern Ireland, his mother was a junkie and his father was a drunk. His mother passed away when he was 14, and ultimately drove his father to suicide. At the age of 16, Paddy joins the British Army and began his training to become apart of the Parachute Regiment in RAF Brize Norton. Upon competition, he was assigned his Regiment, after a few months passed, he was then deployed to Helmand Province in Afghanistan. After completing his first tour in Afghanistan, he returned home. He then began more specialised training in Pathfinding, he was then moved to the Pathfinder Platoon. He began his second tour in Afghanistan, he arrived and was tasked with pushing the perimeter around Musa Qaleh with the 1 MEF. His mission was to go behind enemy lines and called in Airstrikes, and Artillery Fire on target locations in the region. His second tour came to an end in Afghanistan. He now began his third tour in Iraq training the local army tactics to fend off ISIL. He was then deployed with the Iraqi Army in the country in assistance missions, coordinating NATO Airstrikes and Artillery fire. While in the country, he became friends with John, who was in charge of a PMC Company, and he realised the money they were making was astronomical. His third tour came to an end. His next assignment was in Syria, and he was deployed to Assist and Train the Syrian Rebels fighting ISIL in the area. He deployed with Rebel groups on the frontline, again coordinating NATO Airstrikes and Artillery Fire. He saw some bad shit in Syria, and was started to lose his mind a little. He met with his friend John, and he was persuaded to join his PMC group. Upon completion of his fourth tour, he decided to leave the army and join up with John. He was tasked while in Syria to protect HVT with John, they worked through countless missions, in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and in some parts of Europe. They were maximizing profits. At this point, Paddy mental state wasn't good, and he decided to form his on Company. His Company, were radical and did not have an allegiance, they would work for whoever would pay the right price. His offers included, Assassinations, Hostage Taking, Enhanced Interrogation, and Coup Styled Attacks. Paddy had got a good offer from a Russian, he wanted Paddy's company to assassinate a Chernarussian Major in the town of Staroye. The Company began the preparations for the attack, it would be a night operation, in and out within 60 seconds. They got intelligence that the Major would be having a late night with a Chernarussian General in Chernogorsk. They setup an Ambush and waited for his convoy to come up the road. The convoy arrived, and the Company attacked and killed the Major. While Paddy was waiting to get out of the country and receive his payment, the country went dark, Military, Government, all stopped, the docks were empty. Upon investigation of nearby town he realised some bad shit was going down. He and his company are now working in South Zagoria for the highest bidder, and attempting to survive
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      An chuid eile i síocháin

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    [IRB] BrAithreachas Phoblacht na hEireann

    We back in business
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Enjoyed the Roleplay with @Roman @ScarletRose and @OxeN @LifeLight . Hope you enjoyed it.
  5. Joseph, born in Mobile Alabama, his family owned the Towers Oil Company, based in Mobile. Joseph underwent a Business degree in University, so he could follow suit with the family business and become the owner. Once he graduated he was offered by his Father a low-level management job. Once he had proven himself, he was then promoted and was in charge of all foreign operations. With Towers Oil Company expanding, they were opening shop in Chernarus, and he was sent to oversee the operation. Once arriving in Chernarus, he set up in Chernogorsk. He liked the country, and decided to setup his HQ in the country. Then everything went sideways, bombings, robbery, panic, killing. All transport links were down, his colleagues in the HQ, quickly decided to move out into the countryside and mountains setting up a camp to survive....
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    S1-mass invalid execution-around 23:20 server time

    Quick question, how did you gain "Execution Rights" on myself and Thomas (I think his name was), who were not involved in the situation with Falk nor have I ever met Falk in-game with Moses. (Albeit, we didn't die, but that was his intention)? Your man straight up blasted all 4 hostages. Edit: You also executed @OxeN yesterday as well, therefore removing your execution rights on him, and he was as far as I am aware not involved in the Falk Situation. 2 Edit: I was wrong about Oxen getting executed, he crashed while in cuffs, and then died.
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    S1-mass invalid execution-around 23:20 server time

    Moses Goldberg POV: Strolling around Novaya, talking to peeps, and Moody and his pose come along and initiated on me, Oxen, Mak and Cuchulainn. We are quickly moved into the Factory and after about 1-2 minutes of roleplay, the Savior shoots 4 of us, killing two and almost killing two. That's about it.
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    [IRB] BrAithreachas Phoblacht na hEireann

    I left 7 days ago.
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    [IRB] BrAithreachas Phoblacht na hEireann

    "Erin Go Bragh" The Irish Republican Brotherhood routes trace back to the 19th and 20th Century and played a pivotal role in the Easter Rising in 1916, however, dissolved shortly after in 1924. The creation of the new IRB in Chernarus, was founded by Shepherd and Michael, after the assassinations on multiple District Leaders. They founded the IRB for the protection of the Irish population in Chernarus, creating their own Irish Catholic Church, setting up a sanctuary for the Irish. The group's objectives and mentality can be changed depending on what is happening in-game, e.g. if a new British Organisation arrives in town, the IRB will gather intelligence on them, or if there's a massive increase in drug output, we will put an end to that. The survival of the Irish Population is key to this group, anything that could harm Irish Civilians, or the IRB themselves will be met by force, we will not bow down. Ryan Shepherd (Ryan Shepherd) Michael O'Connell (Challenger) Kieran O'Hara (Banshee) Jerry Joyce (Jerry) Callum O'Burke (brk) Connor McCarthy (Oxen) TBD TBD TBD Patrick McAllister (SquidProQuo) Frankie Begum (Biiddy) TBD TBD Conor O'Reilly (Neom) TBD TBD Oscar Belinski (Theoriginalkiwi) TBD TBD Father Micky McGee (Cuchulainn) - Ensure the survival of the Irish Population | [indefinite] - - Recruitment of local Irish Civilians into the IRB | [indefinite] - - The enforcement of Irish Catholicism on Chernarus | [indefinite] - - Create Hibernia, the Irish Sanctuary | [Day 575] - - Find out information of Zihaad and Sergey | [Day 630] - - Find out information of the killers of Paddy and Sokol | [Day 670] - - Recruit a Fenian Spy Network [0/10] - Have a group that focuses on different types of RP and gives out a variety of RP - - Come up with unique and different RP to keep the group interesting - - (Try to) raise the bar on our RP by having actual reasoning behind the actions we are doing - - Having fun together - Media Thread Recruitment is currently OPEN We are only looking for Irish Characters (Other recruitment will be done IG) Send a PM to @Banshee , @Ryan Shepherd or @Challenger using the format below; Credits: @OxeN - The backstory @Banshee - Graphics and formatting @Ryan Shepherd and @GMAK- Being good people
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    Banging tune as my profile music

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      Classic one from Scotland, me, @AlanM and @Onyx will take credit for that banging tune.

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      Recorded that one myself last Saturday when I was onit.

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      Aye that's me MC'ing the song with ma bottle a buckfast 

  11. Wo Wong, was born in Shanghai, China. His father was a banker, and his mother ran a local clothes shop. He attended a prestigious school. Once he completed school, he joined University and studied Economics. Upon completely University, he joined his father working in the Bank. After a years working in the bank, he saved up enough money to begin travelling. He first went to India, then Pakistan, then Volgograd and his final stop was Chernarus. He began going along the coasts of Chernarus, and then slowly moved north to see the old Castles. Unfortunately for Wo, the apocalypse happened. He was travelling back to the Airport to get his flight back to China, and there was no Trains, Buses, Cars. He bumped into a local CDF unit, and they moved him to a secure CDF facility, after staying there for a few days, everyone began to leave, he left and his now trying to survive, and try to find a group that will help him build a plane to get back to China.
  12. Michael was born in Derry in 1987, to Stuart and Mairead O'Connell. The O'Connell family were devout Irish Catholics, his father incredibly strict, forcing Michael to church every Sunday and preaching his religion on Michael. Michael naturally followed suit as his father. Mr O'Connell was also extremely Anti-British and was Pro-United Ireland. Unfortunately for Michael, his father was a drunk and his mother a junkie who died when he was 3. They lived in a council flat in Derry, with the heights of the Troubles going on. When Michael was 17, the PSNI launched a raid on the O'Connel flat, bursting through the door, and immediately attacking Stuart, punching him to a pulp, during the attack Stuart was hit by a baton to the head which ultimately lead him to his death. Michael had a basic education, he left school shortly after his father’s death. Michael was shortly kicked out of the flat, and he recently moved in with his friend from the block. The attack on his father. Michael now had a requirement to honour his father, so Michael in honour of his father still went to Church every Sunday, stayed behind with the priest learning Catholicism. The attack on his father fuelled his hatred against the British, and he wanted his revenge. His good friend’s uncle was deep in the shit with the RIRA, his friend recently joined the RIRA, Michael followed in the foot steps of his friend and joined the RIRA. Michael and his friend being young were originally tasked with running guns from Derry through the border to a town called Kilkerley which was a local safe house for the RIRA. Both Michael and his friend proved themselves, and quickly rose up the ranks. Michael and his friends took different paths, his friend wanted out. Michael being more wanted to keep up pressure and fight. He expressed this to the leader, and he honoured his wish, and shipped him down to Cork so he could go under training in guerrilla warfare, explosive training and weapon training. Upon completely this he returned to Derry, and he had his orders. He was given the task of moving a car bomb to a British Military Barracks. Once he arrived at the barracks he left the area, and advised the leaders that it was ready. He was involved multiple car bombings in Derry. Michael, now 29, was still going to Church on Sunday, and working with the RIRA in Derry, and he was given to the opportunity to get more specialised training with the guerrillas in Chernarus, he accepted this opportunity and immediately went to Chernarus. He arrived in Chernarus in a coastal town called Berezhki, where local guerrillas had been training foreign members. Upon the completion of his training, the leaders back in Ireland wanted him to move down and assist the RIRA in Svetloyarsk and Berezino smuggle soviet weapons, explosives, rpgs, mortars back to Ireland to continue the fight. Michael practised his Catholic beliefs and held prayers with his fellow countrymen while he was in Chernarus. Then the unfortunate events happened, screaming in the streets, civil unrest, the infected swarming the country. Michael, soon went back to port and tried to leave the country, unfortunately the boats had left. Michael soon realised he had to survive, he recruited some of the Irish lads still in country and he went into hiding in the forests around Berezino, creating a little home in the woods, and venturing into the surrounding towns to find supplies. They created a home, and now they’re trying to survive.
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    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

  15. Moses, born in Edinburgh, Scotland. His family emigrated to Scotland in the 1960s. After moving to Edinburgh, Moses studied Economics at University, but during his time, he decided to join the IDF. He moved to Jerusalem to begin his training. Upon completion, he did two tours in Israeli fighting against Hezbollah. Upon leaving the IDF, he found himself a job opportunity with the ICTS INTERNATIONAL, which was an Israeli owned PMC company. He was assigned to Chernarus, to protect a bank owned by an Israeli in Chernogorsk. Few Months... Moses was on shift as protection of the bank... Alarms went off, screams, jets flying overhead. Everyone was running out of the bank. Moses stayed inside the bank and waited until any type of government forces showed up, he barricaded himself in. Few days went past... He went outside, no one to be found, check the port, no one to be found. Realising something bad happened, he went inside the bank and gathered supplies, and quickly went into hiding in the mountains surrounding Chernogorsk, trying to survive......
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