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  1. Hurricane Lorenzo was born in Mobile, Alabama. Hurricane was named after his great-grandfathers experience in the Second World War. His Great-grandfather fought in the Battle of Britain and flew Hurricanes with the RAF. He was shot down over the fields of England. His grandfather, like his father, fought in the Vietnam war. He was running through the jungles of Vietnam, unfortunately due to lack of plate carriers at the time, he was shot in the chest and killed. His father was a Marine and fought in Desert storm. He was blown up by an IED. Hurricane wanting to be like his Father, Grandfather, and Great-Grandfather. He joined the army and then passed Ranger Training, and he done 7 Tours of Afghan. He left the Army and went to University. After studying Military History in University, he applied to join the CIA. After a successful application, he quickly finished his training. He was assigned to the Pacific-Asian Office. He soon passed further training and became a SAD Operative. He was then moved to the Philippines to fight against ISIS forces. He and fellow SAD members were assigned to Jungle raids, and spent many of days hunting for Terrorist scum in the Jungles of Philippines. He was assigned to deep cover in Chernarus and gathered intel on Russian Soldiers and RAC. His mental health took a turn and he soonly became insane. He now travels through Chernarus hunting Chedaki and killing Philippinos who get in his way.
  2. Yevgeny was born into a military family. His father served in Afghanistan with the Army and became a careers officer and served in the Russian Parliament. Yevgeny was sent to Military Academy aged 16, and decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, becoming an Officer and hopefully becoming a politician. He was found to have expertise while training and was pushed to joining the Military GRU. He done training to become Spetsnaz and became an Officer of the GRU quickly. He served in Ukraine, Syria and then Chernarus. He decided to leave the army and then became a spokesperson for the Russian Ambassador in Germany, and began moving around Embassy's. With the outbreak he was re-enlisted in the army, and was then deployed and met up with S-GRU who were operating in the region, and were setting up a QZ for survivors in Chernarus, the Kremlin thought he'd best suit with his Spetsnaz background and his press skills while working for Russian Embassy Staff.. He is the Liaison Officer between the Military, Police and Civilians in the QZ.
  3. "i wIll mAkE yOu sHit SidEWayS oNcE iM dONe wiTH yOU" 

    Proceeds to get wiped 10 minutes later. 


    1. JorrdanVC


      sounds about right

    2. burRP


      swag flirting GIF

    3. TurkRP
    4. Finn


      F, I'd like to see the reference material 

  4. Hello Roleplayers, We were driving towards Novy and we bumped into 5 people that were in a field, and we meet a very angry English child who wasn't happy to see us. He started saying "You need to leave" "You aren't taking my guns" "We outnumber you". He then begins to move into field and I follow him, suddenly without an initiation @neom gets sprayed down at the vehicle and dies. The man in the field starts shooting at me and I return fire. There was no initiation from the hostile party. You are unfortunately terribly wrong here, it turns out you blew yourself up with an RPG while trying to kill us. Unfortunate bud. 21:13:41 | Player "Patrick John Gall" (DEAD) (pos=<8920.5, 8988.6, 354.2>) killed by Expansion_RPG_Explosion
  5. Hello Roleplayers, We are doing some weapon checks in Berezino, and we then decide to move towards Gorka. As we're on our travels we head towards Gorka, I decide to check the lonely house and bump into @Phoenyxx and I begin to talk to her, the conversation goes on and we tell her to put her hands up and she says "I am putting my hands up". As we're conversing, some of SGRU call over the radio that there's men surrounding our location. After speaking with her for about 10 minutes @UniiLR suicide rushes our house and initiates to get rights for his guys in the trees, he dies within 20-30 seconds of the initiation, and taking one of our men down. I quickly deal with @Phoenyxx after we are attacked and we pull out towards Klen. I'd like to point out that @Eagle switched from Ragnar to Mahmood Asad at 20:45:43. He switched character way after we had made contact with @Phoenyxx and had her hostage, with the rest of the Chechens surrounding our house. (Almost 10 minutes after initial contact) @Eagle knowing that @UniiLR was going to initiate on our house, he switched character to gain KoS rights, and used his Ragnar character to gain a better position to start shooting at members of S-GRU.
  6. Why is there a Raid Shadow Legends add on your profile 🥶 How much did they pay you

    1. Challenger


      I'm just supporting a very good game, deserves the respect and recognition.

    2. Harry


      Oh god... i hope you trolling.. 😭

  7. 1. B-17 2. SDS 3. Imperial Dragons 4. District 5. (up) Joyce
  8. The wonderful @Duke has dealt with this issue, as I am banned from the discord I couldn't contact staff. can be /closed
  9. Server and location: Stary Sobor S1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 15:03 Your in game name: Boris Gromov Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Stary Shop Owners Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): n/a Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://gyazo.com/a5b045441b12c3c90f112c0da4fc88a7 Detailed description of the events: I was taking a nice stroll, wandering through Stary Sobor and I visit the supermarket, and find a fireplace blocking the door to the back rooms. Using an item that you can't destroy to block a doorway is clear AGOM. EDIT: @Banshee advised me that this can be destroyed with a screwdriver, but the point still stands.
  10. Hi Roleplayers, Myself and some friends have noticed there seems to be a massive lack of Jerry Cans, and have searched major Industrial Areas (e.g Chernogorsk, Polana, and Novaya) and have failed to find a single jerry can. Would it be possible to increase the spawns of Jerry Cans in Industrial Areas? Thanks, Roleplayer Challenger
  11. I'm pretty sure the reason for the long wait time is due with Bohemia's policy on servers selling in-game items and that's why it's 12 hours. (Could be wrong though)
  12. Hi Developers, Myself and some friends have noticed there seems to be a massive lack of Jerry Cans, and have searched major Industrial Areas (e.g Chernogorsk, Polana, and Novaya) and have failed to find a single jerry can. Would it be possible to increase the spawns of Jerry Cans in Industrial Areas? Thanks, Roleplayer Challenger


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      ggs @Mason

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      Dude. That shit was terrifying. We all got out the car and were fucking dying, gg's bro 🙂

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      I was like, "Dat dude be aiming"


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