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    @GMAK Is doing gods work. I do appreciate your contribution to the community and helping you are providing.
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    S1: Invalid Kill/FailRP/KOS - 09/12/2018 21:50

    I have been able to render and upload my video for this report, I have also posted a further PoV below. You state above “I said hello to you guys” if you look in the video, you’re not speaking English and your speaking gibberish. You don’t speak English until moments before we decide to initiate on you. I mean, I’d have like some RP as well, but unfortunately, I don’t speak gibberish. Also at the very beginning of the video you can clearly see the blue armband, and you have stated that you weren’t wearing one. 1:04 You say “Do you know who I am” trying to big yourself up, you’re asking to get shot saying that. You have a few guys around you with guns and you’re try to big yourself up. You also say the exact same at 3:12. 1:42 – 2:20 we state multiple times for you to begin to run, which you failed to do, 1st initial non-compliance. Also, you can hear Ryan say “If you don’t start to run I am going to drop you” which you refuse to do it takes up-to 20-30 seconds before you actually do it. Also, in that same timestamp we can clearly hear you say “I am running you fucking…* and voip goes silent, which inclines me to believe that you did insult Ryan as stated above in his PoV which you have denied. Also, in that timestamp, we ask you multiple times to remove the vest off for you to run (Which you respond, “I like this vest” and refuse to take it off) and it also takes you a while to do it. We noted that you were unable to run so we role-played for you take the vest off, so you could move quicker. 2:47 one of my guys attempts to ask for you name; however, we take shots (We are actively trying to RP with you while we are moving you). Also, at this timestamp, at what point did we tell you to stop running and put your hands up? I don’t recall myself or my guys telling you to do that, 2nd Non-Compliance. Our demands were simple, continue to run with us or you will be shot, as soon as Scar decided to shoot, you put your hands up and right there you have failed to comply with our demands. This made me believe that you were actively delaying so your men could shoot at us and then have the possibility of grabbing a weapon and shooting at my group. 3:12 I ask you to speak with your people and tell them to stop shooting or you will die (Albeit you didn’t have your radio). 3:20 This is where I decide to shoot you, ultimately, my reasoning behind shooting you was purely for the protection of my group and myself. The kill is scrappy, and I do apologise about that. At this point there is an on-going hostage rescue committed by Scar, therefore making the situation unpredictable and making you a liability. Your next move could’ve been anything, I could’ve died and you may have picked the weapon up and actively shot at my group members. As stated above this is now an active hostage rescue and in a in-character sense, I personally believe that it was the correct decision to kill you for the reasons stated above. Further to this, just because you have kill rights, doesn’t always mean you have to use them. I think both groups have missed out on a good RP opportunity and in-character interactions to both evolve the groups and the characters. I know, “But you guys have execution rights on us” well we don’t. We only have them on members we have met in-game beforehand. You’re not an approved group so those rights do not transfer over to new characters. Onion has stated that we have never met him in-game before. (Please correct me if I am wrong about the execution rights) Throughout the entire situation, we tried to speak with you while we were running you through the field. You are correct, the hostage is our responsibility, however your life was put at risk by shooting at us. I mean if you truly wanted to keep your man alive you would at least try to follow us and find our position then make a plan from there? Instead, you instantly shot at us once you seen us. We call you Mexican because that is how we know the group in-game, as the Mexicans because we have had interactions with your fellow group members. We also know you wear blue armbands, I don’t know why you are mentioning the jacket, of course I am not going to around and kill everyone wearing blue, frankly that statement is ludicrous and was not needed moving forward in the report. I understand that the server was having a hard time with the current DDoS situation, however that didn’t stop myself or the members involved logging back in to serve the 30-minute timer for a hostile action. From the logs, it looks like you didn’t even attempt to re-connect. You have mentioned PvP, so you are very familiar with the combat logging rules. If the GM team dealing with this situation do indeed believe I have committed a rule-break, I will be more than happy to accept that and learn from this situation. If it is not a problem, if you could please provide me your opinion on the current rules regarding the execution of hostages at your earliest convenience, I would be grateful. From the looks of it, complying hostages now have a Rule Shield protecting them from getting executed when complying. Surely, the group who have had a man taken hostage should prioritise the life of the hostage, rather than getting into a firefight and risking the death of one of their members? This will be the last time I will post on this thread until more information/questions are required from the Staff.
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    S1: Invalid Kill/FailRP/KOS - 09/12/2018 21:50

    Paddy OConnor POV: I was the one who shot you, and I'll be honest the entire situation was scrappy. We knew you were one of the Mexicans, so we initiate and search you. Then we begin to move you because you will have some friends around. While running through the field we begin to take shots, who you have stated above are with you. Now, personally, I think the kill is valid, as we are taking shots, I am hesitant to shoot once we first take shots as they weren't hitting, but then I get hit 2-3 times and from that point on you're a liability to me and my guys as we don't know what your next moves are, so I drop you. You also say that there was "Absolutely no RP" to an extent you are right, it was pretty lacklustre, but we are trying to move you to a better position to have some RP. But in saying "Absolutely no RP" is a bit harsh, and that can go both ways as well, we weren't the only ones at fault there. Your group provided no RP at all, you instantly start shooting at the people who have one of your group members hostage. Personally, both groups involved missed out on a great RP opportunity due to the instant shooting, if we hadn't have taken shots we could've had negotiations going, some interrogation and so on. The situation was ruined once we take the first shots and the lack of consideration for one of your group members and the roleplay situation that could've ensued. @OnionRP Myself and Ryan are willing to talk in discord, whenever it is most convenient.
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    The defense of the Irish Catholic Church of Chernarus against the Mexicans. Awimba, Fiona, and Paddy try their best to hold.
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    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    Had fun in the church with @Cipher @OxeN and the other two hostages don't know there names.
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    A-Z of Music

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    A-Z of Music

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    A-Z of Music

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    Oi you fuck @GMAK, those pants are amazing
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    Soft voice

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    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Good day for the District boys.
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    Oi, Harrison [Open Freq 109.9]

    *You can hear an Irishman talk on the radio* "Oi Harrison, if you can hear me bud, do you remember my old man Jimmy? We've got one of your boys here, unfortunately, he has a bullet in the back of his head." "The lack of protection for your little camp is abysmal, we were in and out in 2 minutes. Shame your little dirty Mexicans weren't there to protect the camp." "For anyone else out there, if you're with the House, you'll go down with the House." *Paddy releases the PTT button*