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  1. Baz

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    I would like to become the Supreme Overlord @Ryan Shepherd
  2. Baz

    S1 Chernogorsk: KOS / Invalid Kill

    I got a radio call that my friends in Cherno were being threatened by the so called “Traders”. So I began in Stary and met up with my friend, we went on a hike towards Cherno, going through different towns, killing the dead in the towns, filling our water bottles by the wells. We shortly arrived in Cherno and headed to the docks. We are immediately met by disgruntled survivors, an irate American was leading the protest against the “Traders”, along with another disgruntled African fella, he was a weird African, he looked Asian, but who knows how that happened. Anyways, I soon figured out that the reason the survivors were not happy is because the “Traders” locked the doors! They blocked the hard working people of Chernarus and South Zagoria. I thought to myself, “Outrageous!” and began to open up a conversation with the “Traders”. I struggled to open up a conversation because these so called “Traders” were up on the roof like Private Jackson from Saving Private Ryan pointing their weapons at everyone. Eventually, an “Irishman”, I call him Irish, but he really was a plastic Paddy, he was from a small Country Town in America, with an Irish Accent, I mention that to him, and he threw up a little hissy fit! While having the conversation, we didn’t get anywhere, it was pointless, and then out of nowhere he shouts “Don’t climb up the ladders or you will be shot”. Myself, using my years of experience and intelligence decided not to climb the ladders. Myself, the African and few others start talking and one man says “I know where another base is” I ask him if he has google maps in his head, because this guy knew everything! He had to be a geography expert in a past time. Suddenly my new found African friend was shot and killed, I began to ran in fear of my life and was shot!
  3. Baz

    Jaysh Allah (Open Recruitment)

    Excuse me, this is bang out of order. Abraham is just the spreader of Judaism, he has done nothing wrong, please fix this immediately.
  4. Baz




  5. Baz

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Hey guys! We can finally wear Flecktran!!!!!!!
  6. Baz

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

  7. Baz

    The Time.

    @G19RP I don't appreciate you calling me a proddy, @FalkRP this is bang out of order, and needs to stopped.
  8. Bobby was born in Belfast in 1986, his father left before his born, and his mother was a junkie, drunk and they lived in a council flat. Daniel went to a public school, and then attended high school when he was 16 he dropped out. While in High School, he and his boys were heavily influenced by the local Republicans, and they decided to join up with the Provisional IRA. Bobby himself was heavily influenced to join after the brutal terrorist attack on the Irish people in Derry by the British Paratroopers. Bobby was mainly a foot soldier for the Provisional IRA, and was involved in many ambushes on British Army, and the Ulster Volunteer Force. Once the armistice was signed he couldn’t return to normal life and decided that he would join forces with other freedom fighters. He joined up with the local rebel groups in Chechnya to attack back against the oppressive Russian Forces. Once he was done in Chechnya, he joined up with local NAPA forces in Chernarus and began to fight against the brutal regime that was Chedaki. While in the country the shit went down, and he is now stuck. He now fights against any oppressive groups that are operating in the area.
  9. Baz

    Whose roleplay did you enjoy today?

    @YNW Pep you and your boys scared the shit out of me when you walked into the Market, was like oh no it's about to happen, but pulled a quick one on you. Was really intense. Boys night was good as well, good stuff
  10. Baz

    [616.1] Judaism National Broadcast

    *You suddenly hear a man playing with his shekels, and he begins to talk* Children of Chernarus and South Zagoria, you may have not of heard of me, my name is Prophet Abraham Goldstein. I am on a mission, I am looking for followers, my mission is to convert this country into a Judaism Stronghold, just like Israel, if you wish to be converted to Judaism, me and my fellow Rabbi will help you learn the ways of the Torah and Judaism. These lessons are free, once our renovations of the Stary Sobor Synagogue are finished, you are welcome. We are welcoming any kind of people, Christian, Islam, Catholic, Buddhism. This is your new Prophet Abraham Goldstein, I am eagerly awaiting our new followers at the Synagogue. *The man is still playing with his shekels, and ends the broadcast*
  11. Prophet Abraham Goldstein הנביא אברהם גולדשטיין Abraham Goldstein was born in on 12/09/84, his family lived in New York, Manhattan, there origin was Polish, near the German border. His family fled the country after the German Reich took over Czechoslovakia, with the immediate threat that they would receive from the Reich. Unfortunately, only his Grandparents escaped, leaving most of his family stuck in Poland, and surrounding area. After the war ended, his grandparents had learned that most of his family were wiped out during the Holocaust. The years after the war ended, the Goldsteins became wealthy Bankers in the Manhattan District of New York, Abrahams father became the manager of the Bank of Israel in New York, and quickly rose to promise within the Jewish community. Once Abraham was born, he made him attend synagogue with him, regardless if he wasn’t feeling well, or did not want to go. He also taught his son to never forgot the incidents that occurred during the 40s to the Jewish people. Once Abraham finished his university degree, he was quickly given a job by his father in the Bank of Israel. He like his father before him, quickly rose to promise, and the Jewish community announced that they are going to be setting up a new bank in the Region of South Zagoria, in the city of Chernogorsk, Abraham was promoted to the manager of Chernarus Bank of Israel, and he was to oversee it’s operations and creation in Chernarus. While the creation of the new bank was under-construction, the events that lead to the new world began, and all construction was stopped, ports were closed, airports were closed. Abraham was unable to leave the country and he now sets himself a new mission, a pioneering missions, after witnessing the lack of Judaism in Chernarus, he declared himself the new prophet of the Modern World and began converting Chernarus to Judaism.
  12. Baz


    @Ryan Shepherd @Osku Thanks for the help guys!


    1. GMAK


      @Ryan Shepherd acting like a pvp god after killing two lads with axes

    2. Osku



      I'm just minding my own business alt tabbed behind the tree  😄 

    3. APositiveElmo


      Bro who was that

    4. Ryan Shepherd

      Ryan Shepherd

      The battle of the bastards

  13. Baz

    The Chedaki "A DayZRP series"

  • Baz

    Community opinion

    I am going to have to agree with @YNW Jasper maybe staff do need a refresher, look at the above, that is just baffling and it's being dealt with by experienced staff members and the Co-Owner of the server. The poor man doesn't even fire a shot and is banned for KoS.
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