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  1. Chong Li 崇礼 Chong was born in Nanjing in China, his parents were members of the Communist Party of China, as were his grandparents. The Li family devoted themselves to Communism. After finishing High School Chong Li was sent to the PLA National Defence University to begin his training. After showing massive promise, he was sent to a training centre for the MSS (Ministry of State Security of the People's Republic of China). After completing his training, he was assigned to the Indian Embassy as an Envoy for China. He was there to gather information on local Indian forces, and the Indian troop movements towards the Chinese-Indian Border. After his time was finished in India, he was assigned a new task, with the ensuing civil war in Chernarus, ChDKZ were struggling against Nationalist and NATO Forces. Chong was sent to the Black Mountains to provide local ChDKZ with material support. After losing contact with the Chinese, Chong found himself more aligned with ChDKZ than China, they were family to him, and he joined them in their war effort, after scouts when down south, he joined the rest of the group and assisted with their operations.
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    67th "Lopotev" Sotnya Recruitment (OPEN)

  4. Oleg was born in Lopatino, his parents were members of the WMDA, and were disliked in the City of Lopatino because of their political beliefs. His father wasn't the nicest person, he believe in hard justice, if you made a mistake, he'd beat you. When he was drunk he would beat you and his wife. He only allowed Pro-Russian, and Pro-WMDA items, movies, tv shows, newspapers in the house, anything Anti-WDMA was immediately removed. On a cold winters night, while the family was asleep, Anti-WMDA thugs intruded into the Kazimir household and took his father, and mother into the street. They were strung up, hanged, and quartered, and their heads put on a spike outside their house. They were marked with "WMDA Scum", they forced little Oleg to watch, and they swiftly left once National Police were on their way. Upon hearing this, members of (Formerly) WMDA quickly rescued Oleg, and brought him to Sinistok, and moved him into the camp in the forest. He was now placed into the camp with other children his age, and began psychological training, and taught him Pro-Russian beliefs, and Pro-Communist beliefs. Once he turned 14, he was then moved to a camp up north to a Chedaki camp to began his Paramilitary training. In 2009, Oleg was a fully fledged member of the ChDKZ and he was involved in attacks against Government Forces, Nationalists, and USMC. He was especially brutal against Nationalist Forces, after they slaughtered his parents like cattle. This did not help his mental state and started attacking Chernarussian Citizens who were Pro-Nationalist. As Chedaki was losing ground, his platoon moved up north and hid in the forests. The leader sent out a scouting party into Tisy and identified local Nationalists operating in the area, his platoon massed enough forces to now make a move in the North of Chernarus.
  5. Daniel Brennan was born in Belfast in 1986, his father left before his born, and his mother was a junkie, drunk and they lived in a council flat. Daniel went to a public school, and then attended high school when he was 16 he dropped out. While in High School, he and his boys were heavily influenced by the local Republicans, and they decided to join up with the Provisional IRA. Daniel himself was heavily influenced to join after the brutal terrorist attack on the Irish people in Derry by the British Paratroopers. Daniel was mainly a foot soldier for the Provisional IRA, and was involved in many ambushes on British Army, and the Ulster Volunteer Force. Once the armistice was signed he couldn’t return to normal life, and decided that he would join forces with other freedom fighters. He joined up with the local rebel groups in Chechnya to attack back against the oppressive Russian Forces. Once he was done in Chechnya, he joined up with local NAPA forces in Chernarus and began to fight against the brutal regime that was Chedaki. While in the country the shit went down, and he is now stuck. He now fights against any oppressive groups that are operating in the area.
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  12. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://i.gyazo.com/712f098a9293dae0e378bad00da1f369 Why the verdict is not fair: Originally I posted a video on their group thread, but then Scar rightfully pointed out that there are media threads, so I snipped my post. Seems a bit harsh for snipping a post (I do realise it's not clear, but no one randomly goes into a thread and says whoopsie with no context behind it). Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: As said above Scar pointed out there is a media thread, so I snipped my post, and posted it on their media thread. https://gyazo.com/abee86382e60cb7ebd5be6095a3c87ed What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Warning Points removed What could you have done better?: Not posted a video on the actual group thread, and maybe putting edit notes?
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