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  1. Definitely not what I meant, I think I just came in without an understanding of the climate on the server. I might have been trying a village thing, but like someone said, this is DayZ in character. No one kicked me out of the place, just took some ammo. Lol. I don't want to come in complaining and not being adaptive.
  2. What I was saying was having the server climate more supportive of loot cycle raiding than allowing players to create unique spaces to create stories, not just respond randomly to them. But that obviously triggered you. The server requires a backstory, and the rules are to be in character of that story at all times. Sit down. Edit: The last thing I'll say on the topic, is for those that are tired of hearing the same complaint over and over, the way data analysis works, is if something comes up at such a frequency with new players, and the goal is to increase player count perhaps it is a problem. The alternative is to say, "We never change what people frequently bring up, and we are also confused as to why people aren't playing." Truly just trying to help. I'm only using information I've seen here on the forums. Anyway, I've been mostly misunderstood anyway. I say "player home," and people read "Large ugly base with loot hoarding." What I'm really envisioning, is there is a campfire out front, and a not vanilla locker next to the bed, can you leave a small space like that alone? Anyway, I'm can't get the poll option to work for me, but the consensus through replies seems to be "No." Regardless, I have been having a lot of fun here and I think I'm just new and experiencing growing pains.
  3. Nah, all I've got is an ak variant and a Winchester. But yeah, The ak has been a one shot. Just need to get a few boxes and I'll probably balance out. I'll keep an eye out for that rifle or some .308 though!
  4. I slept on it, it's really not that big of a deal. I've decided I'd stock an outpost people could visit anyway. The main issue I'm having is living in a rural area and not having enough ammo for the rate that wolves come. That's what spawned the loot rage. I like the attacks, it makes it feel like being in the harsh wild. But once an hour or even two would be a more balanced experience in game IMO. Edit: I can't find ammo at the rate I'm having to use it basically.
  5. You're right. It's still DayZ, I think I came in a little too friendly. I still am. I think maybe I'll take the advice of sticking to a small on person kit, and hell, play a park ranger type, and actually have stuff available for people to come across. Instead of it being "stolen" I may just stock it up to be a help in the area for someone that far out. I was never going for a "base." More of a survival outpost. Like I said, so far I've seen several bases and thought, these are neighbors, these are residents of Nyheim. Lol rough neighborhood.
  6. I get that, but they put a lot of time, work, and lore building a city with a story with it. I shouldn't have to be a wandering scav based on player culture. In roleplay I should be able to enter into a community. It's like the creators of Nyheim put all this work and lore into making a sprawling metropolitan area, and instead the players act like it's a tribal world were you can barely keep what you can hold. When I read the lore, I thought there'd be a guy who logs in, loots the military spots, then sets up a crate in town to trade guns. I imaged a farmer hitting all the residential areas looking for lime, to offer produce in town. Medics who would use the radio system to respond to player emergency requests. I might be out in the woods a lot, but I could trade processed hides and cooked food. That's how you build an economy and stimulate player engagement. I want to think that's what the people who set this up wanted, not ruined mad max, trust no one, everyone is a thief. Again, it seems very tribal vs Nyheim being a city with resources and businesses and such. I mean, I literally found bases around me, left them there, and thought "cool, neighbors. So I'm far but there will be other players out here too." Honestly maybe the wolves getting turned way down would be an improvement. I'm crying about ammo because I like the spot, I like the wolf attacks, but it is a game with a formula, and having to spent hours running around just to come back and have to do it again. Then I had a horrible moment where I'm feeling like crap about it, and then wolves came to my door. I really don't want to whine. I just don't think this provides a climate in which the seed of deep meaningful roleplay can flourish. Honestly, maybe the problem is me. I'm trying to create a character and personality for a community that doesn't exist. Basically I set up in a cabin and thought I could live there. I should just play this server because of the mods and no KOS. Forget trying to "live in Nyheim." If I change my psychology to wandering desperate wastelander, then my frustrations are mostly resolved. I'll try and work with the idea, idk.
  7. Because it's not realistic that you can always do as you please. My character does not have the opportunity to exist when I am not logged in. There is nothing OOC about offline raiding, what breaks immersion is being home when you "went to sleep," and someone has been through everything. That is not realistic, you would not be able to do that IRL. I've heard player interaction encouraged so many times, this perspective floors me. I don't want a castle I want a small cabin in the woods. And I don't want to hoard loot, I want to have equipment needed to hunt, defend from wildlife, and establish a living breathing character. I don't want to log into DayZRP to run spots for ammo. Yeah, well, I put a small locker next to a bed in a cabin, but I know what you're trying to say. I even agree. Compounds should be raidable. Solo RP houses should be left alone. Edit: Hell, I would even be happy with each player being allowed just a locker that has protection. So you have small storage and clothing storage that is protected for RP. A simple locker mod with key pin maybe. Not a huge facility no one can touch, just a small space so that we can RP without having to carry every single thing. This definitely gives the wasteland feel, but it does not at all give a feel that there is a breathing community in Nyheim, and based on the lore it's supposed to be the most advanced city for thousands of miles.
  8. No shade on that point at at all, And I do enjoy the thrill of raiding and PvP. But running for ammo, finding a bit, and coming back to find what little you had gone, doesn't feel like raiding or pvp. I don't want it to be pve because that isn't realistic. But for game balancing reasons, I just wish it was limited to fortified positions that a group could skirmish over, and if the defenders lose, the attackers break in and loot. I literally cannot survive against these wolves if someone keeps wiping me out. I really want to keep playing but this really rocked me. I've been in game for hours, haven't seen a soul, have not once had a roleplay encounter, but I have see evidence of a player clearing me out. So now I log back in, start all over, and I just know it'll happen again. It's absolutely killed the idea of it being fun to write a complicated character and try to be a personality on the server. I read a lot on the forums before joining in, and this gameplay loop of loot cycle raiding just doesn't seem to me what this place was set up for. But maybe I just don't know.
  9. Um, no. Don't misunderstand me, I didn't roleplay to other people the gate was locked, OOC locks on the server aren't working, that is the issue. I didn't impose roleplay on another person, there's no way to secure a building, and the rules allow people to just take whatever. The reason I mentioned roleplay, is that is to my understanding the intention of this server. So given a game mechanic isn't functional, I did the best I could while trying to focus on establishing my characters self sufficiency. People should be exploring, trading with other players, or setting up a shop and market. Destroying every little base you find instead of looting is not conductive to the goals I've seen posted here. And it's not impossible to implement, there are logs for every player action and movement. You should just say there is not staff willing to keep up with it. Just like it's posted you find a person, you don't shoot, you could post you find a small base with no prior engagement, you walk away. Both player actions are reported verbally by the victim and both actions can be confirmed through the logs. Not quite the definition of impossible. And for those who play dayz to raid, why DayZRP?
  10. Yeah, I saw so much of that, that's what I meant in the very beginning. Well, I came, I wrote a few stories, I got a feel for the place, and it probably doesn't matter to anyone who doesn't care that I'll just have to find another space to write in. Things change sometimes, I'll probably just stand by until a story focused style is more viable. If I have to make stash's and bury backpacks, I really love the scenery in Livonia. Edit: I would add to the response I don't need gear to roleplay, well, It's kinda hard to become a trader. And with wolf spawns what they are, I have to be able to shoot them.
  11. I just want to give input as a new player, I don't want to be made fun of, belittled, or have it condescendingly explained to me that some people play the game a certain way. I understand, but constant balancing usually results in improvement. If you're reading this, it's just the perspective and opinion of a new person with limited experience. It's just feedback. Another disclaimer, I as a human have stress issues in real life. I've worked in prisons all my life, and my adrenaline meter is broken. PTSD tells my body to get ready in situations I'm actually in zero danger, or weren't that aggressive. So my perception very well may be too sensitive, and I may need to just cool off and think about it. However I still find it valid to share as my thoughts revolve around providing more enriching and engaging roleplay. Which to my understanding, deep roleplay and lore being the highest priority in this server, with loot/pvp/etc being a part of it, but a secondary focus. I think there should be some base and offline protection. !!! A critical problem with this, is I put a gate on the front, and set a lock, but they aren't currently working. So for all roleplaying purposes, I put a lock on both my doors, and because of item functionality on the server, I am unable to secure my dwelling. The gate in front had a lock on it, and the trailer in the back had a pin code. Neither are working at the moment. Which is fine, but I have locks, and I roleplayed I locked them, and after hours and hours of trying to get started, everything good I had is gone, and I don't want to do it over and over again. Two points are the most important: 1. Let people have things 2. Value peoples time, and I will choose to spend my time in game Some ideas: Allow raiding of compounds, or large group raiding large group bases. As a solo, story centric player, I need to be able to set up my scene at least. Keep engagement based PvP exactly where it is. The defense for raiding and offline raiding I've seen is roleplay. Sure. But is it good roleplay? Is it better than what I could offer as a story teller? Really? IRL as a solo, I would be scared for my life to enter someone's property. (Another disclaimer, I'm from Texas. Trespassing =Justified lethal force. As it should be, even in Nyheim, you take my ammo, you're basically killing me.) For my character, it's a fear for my life thing. He has travelled alone for a long time, and has never met someone who wasn't willing to chase you down and spill blood over resources, especially in the apocalypse. When I see evidence of a player living there, I move along. I'm not about to get shot for bandages when there is an abandoned medical building 200 yards away. 1. Let people have things: When I roleplay, I'm trying to set up my home. I should at least have a small corner of the world no one messes with me. There is PvP, but this supposed to be the BEST RP server. Engage and rob if you must. And it makes sense for large groups to start wars and raid other large groups. But I'm just trying to hunt and survive, man. I need to get enough supplies to survive, and the wolf spawns are constant. As a real person I can't afford to log in game, loot for hours, come back, and my stuff is all gone. I need to be able to have a home in game without losing my livelihood every time. 2. Value peoples time: That means instead of venturing out, seeking other players, venturing into the city, establishing my character in the community, all of that comes to a dead stop because someone took all my food and ammo out of a small hunter cabin. I need food and ammo to survive, so I'm back to looting, not being my character. I don't want my time in game to be a loot cycle, I wanted to maybe set up a hunters cabin and bring pelts in town, trade equipment I've found exploring. Yes, it's vague roleplay, but it costs time and willingness to continue the actual deep engaging things. If I have to log in to Nyheim, loot for ammo all day, then be left having to start all over, then how is this better than official other than I wasn't just shot? Thing is, is Nyheim a city, large settlement, community, etc? Doesn't it have working citizens, booming businesses, an active defense force? I under stand it is the apocalypse, but the current meta is that everyone is a thief. There is so much loot everywhere, there's literally no reason to need to do it. I live next 1000m from a military base, but my little cabin was worth it. I would rather establish a personality, create a character presence on the server, than the be forced into be a "desperate survivor" because whatever I collect when I log in, someone will just wipe that progress more than likely playing solo, and calling it roleplay. My rant over, I'm feeling a bit discouraged, I tried to work with the thoughts and justify it as PvP, but maybe heavy PvE with engagement rules is what I'm really looking for in a server, and if a change were made in the future, I would happily return and spend time in game. At the end of my reflection, it just comes down to not enjoying that experience to the point I don't trust putting hours into it. I couldn't wait to meet my neighbors. LOL.
  12. Max Crowhaven has travelled alone, for many years. Having lost his former community in the Carolina settlements to raiders, he set out for a city rumored far west. One of the largest established in a long, long time. This gave a vague hope for a man not quite willing to give up just yet. 6 years of a continuously nomadic lifestyle, Max eventually made his way into northern Nyheim. A survivalist by nature, he found a clearly abandoned cabin, and spent many days gathering supplies. "I've always had a knack for staying fed out in the wild, that may be of value to the community here. Perhaps I'll stay up here and set up a sort of outpost.. yeah. 'Crow's Nest,' I like that. I may have to link up with some community leaders to find out how I can be of help. I lost my people not to the virus, but to how others have responded to it. As long as I stay alive, I will seek out these raiders and protect others while I can. But it's getting harder to trust anyone, these days. I'll keep my distance until I understand the culture here. Many don't take kindly to new faces from far away.." Coming back from a supply run, these thoughts danced through Max's mind. He had travelled a long time to get here. What would it all mean? Exhausted but grateful, Max wearily returned to his cabin. Adrenaline cut through these daydreams, the front gate to his cabin, wide open. He was sure he locked everything. Raising his rifle, he cleared the small space, but the scene was empty. The ammo... gone... his shotgun.. gone. As a lone survivor in this apocalypse, this may mean death. "Damnit, damnit damnit! The wolves here attack daily, I'm down to a few rounds. How am I going to make it into the city now? The food is gone, too. God damnit, I hope they needed it. To find this place of all places, there must not be much supply to go around. Who would need to bother such a small camp?" More of the same, Max thought. More of the same. Packing his ruck, and tearing down what was left, his idea of a friendly outpost had already been compromised. Another journey, another country perhaps, he'd find a place he could finally settle down and have a chance to create a new life.
  13. I chose to stay in a cabin in the woods, and I like the wolves for roleplay as the wild is harsh, but that being said, it needs to be adjusted. I want to be attacked by wolves in the wilderness, every 20 minutes though is a little much. Another issue is they glitch through barriers and buildings and are able to do damage. I just don't have ammo or bandages to maintain this at the rate it's currently set.
  14. I've seen this discussed in other threads, but I did not see any recent post specifically about it under suggestions. In my opinion/playstyle it is absolutely critical that there are ponds and maybe a river running through the map. It is incredibly strange and unrealistic to be out surviving in the woods, and have to leave to find a well in town for water. Ammo? Medicine? Head to town. But I should be able to hunt, fish, and have wild water sources. My current character is a survivalist wanderer type, and again I would use the word "critical," that there are ponds/lakes/rivers added. There is currently no survival element to getting clean water, no means to fish for food, and it just seems geographically strange from an immersion standpoint that there is snow... a lot of rain.. plenty of animals around. But its just hills and trees. Take a peek at the google map of the real life area the map is based on for reference. It is absolutely dotted with freshwater. Please no one try to say it's because it's the apocalypse, haha! The weather and climate do not reflect water being scarce, if anything the wells and their pumps would go first in real life. I just miss being in the woods and having to boil clean water, and especially fishing. I'm loving the map so far. It's gorgeous, it's diverse enough, with some interesting POI. But I would like the wilderness to feel immersive and to have a camp out there be viable. Bonus request: is there a way to increase durability of bladed items? Using a knife 4 to 5 times breaks my immersion as well. They should still degrade with something like 20 uses, with the option to repair with a file. In real life a steel combat knife is more than good for making 2 or 3 campfires. I want it to be destructible, but IRL I have a little Kershaw knife that's seen daily use for about 4 years, without maintenance, lol! My character found food enough to feed a family of 8, multiple military rifles with attachments, prestine clothing, and I had to leave camp to try to find another knife over and over. That quest would be fun on occasion, and makes the survivalist fun. "[Camp necessity here] is running low, I better grab some supplies and see what I can find." But not every twenty minutes. Those are the things that has made it a little rough so far, but other than that I am loving the new map. I think that the wilderness is is is beautiful and interesting, I love being able to dip into the little surrounding villages for supplies, and the huge sprawling city area is incredibly unique. I'm really interested to see how the area evolves and grows over time.
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