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  1. Managed to get in with Lettuce's advice, thank you guys!
  2. Recently whitelisted, anytime I try to sign in with my character named Destun Hatfield or Destun I get kicked. That's the name of the character I submitted with my whitelist application so I'm a bit confused.
  3. Poor/low-income background in a typical abusive Appalachian town just outside of Huntington. Alcoholism was rampant with both of Des' parents, which lead to neglect from his mother and verbal abuse that rarely escalated into physical. When he was a young teenager, 13 or 14 years of age, he began to run the streets with his friends, partaking in small petty crimes in order to get by and be able to eat. Eventually, he came into contact with law enforcement at 15 which lead to his being place by the state with relatives upon police inspection his family home. He was placed in the nearby county of Wayne with his aunt and uncle, finally catching a break in his life. His relatives treated him well and he found his temperament began to even out. His friend group had changed with the move and he slowly began to stop committing small robberies and petty crime as a result. It was not an easy transition, however. He stayed with his relatives until his early 20's when he managed to land a job at the local factory in an effort to provide himself a cheap place to live downtown in Huntington, and finally, have his own place to call his own. By 25 he had saved enough to take a week of work and explore his ancestor's homelands in Eastern Europe, in an effort to understand his own past. He quickly became stranded after the virus hit...
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