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  1. *begin radio transmission* Peter here, I have a Kamaz 10 seater for sale. Ill trade it for rubbles, building supplies or weapons. If interested, u can reach me on channel 87.8 *static*
  2. Peter Marley, 24 years old and born and raised in The Nethelands, started his career in Law enforcement as a police officer. Trained as usual in handling small arms weapons and hand to hand combat, soon handeld calls from high speed car chases to domestic violence calls, but at that time he rarely had to use his firearm. Mid 2017, he joined the DSI (Dienst Speciale Interventies, the Dutch equivalent of the USA SWAT) and received heavy training on car handling skills, weapons combat and medical skills. In that time he was tasked with handling shootouts, hostage situations and arresting targets deemed ''trigger happy and thus extremely dangerous''. Novemeber 2019; After several years he was forced to temporarely quit the DSI, after being shot in his right arm. Doctors said it would take a couple months for it to heal properly. Because of his experience he was asked to set up a training program for new recruits. For the next few months he set up training programs for medical training and weapons maintenance.
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