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  1. Looking forward to playing with everyone if my whitelist app is accepted.
  2. Chris Black was born October 13th 1992 in small town Ohio. His mother was killed when he was 3 years old in a car accident and his father was in the army leaving him to be raised by grandmother mostly. While he was growing up he was in constant trouble with the law. When he was 16 he went jail for stealing a car. While in jail he got word that his father had been killed over seas in the war. When he got out in 2010 he decided to join the military and take up after his father. He joined the Army in July of 2011 and did his fist tour in Afghanistan in April of 2012. When he got back, he tried out for the Army Delta Force and was accepted in June of 2013. He went back to Afghanistan in 2015 where he was injured by an I.E.D. He went back to the states where he made a full recovery and was back to work at the end of 2017. He did one last tour in 2018 before being Honorably Discharged in November of 2018. When he got out of the military he couldn't find a job so he did what he did best. He formed a private military group called The Spartans with a couple of special forces guys he met in the military. In June of 2020 they got a job to escort and wealthy man out of the country of Chernarus amidst the growing tension and fear of the sickness spreading through out the country. But on their way out, they were ambushed, killing his team and VIP. Now stranded, he is left to survive the lands of Chernarus.
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