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  1. Born in a small town in eastern central Russia in 1980. Alexander was a relatively active boy. His father was a coal miner and alcoholic, his mother was a school teacher. He grew up roaming the lands of Volchansk with his pals Myka and Urie. He played Ice Hockey during the winter months and Football during the summer months. He didn't necessarily excel in school and found himself to be better working with his hands as he grew older. Eventually working in the local brickyard during his teenage years and having his mother cover for him on secondary school assignments. His father was abusive growing up. His mother was very traditional, and listened to his father even though she knew his actions were wrong. He would fight his dad after his days in the mines due too disagreements and his fathers perpetual alcoholism. Eventually, Alex was kicked out of his home by his father in 1997. He was 17 years old. With no where to go and no idea how to survive on his own. While homeless, he met a man that had just come home from the army and was instantly fascinated. He found his way to the recruiters and joined up with army. After excelling at his basic training he was recommended to try out for the spetsialnogo, better known as SPETSNAZ. He almost seemed to have been born for the unit. He broke records of the time and proved himself to be a very strong and hardcore man by the time he was 18. He eventually ended up in the second Chechen war. Where he served in clandestine operations. He was part of the well known operation on the theater which killed more than 170 people. By 2006, Alex left the army, he suffered a shot by a Chechen sniper that barely missed his heart. He was well awarded, took part in more than 103 missions , and left as Sergeant. He decided to immigate to Chernarus, away from the madness and become a farmer. He settled in the town of Guglovo. He specifically chose there because of how much it reminded him of better days in Volchansk as a child, and no one would know of his past. He was an astounding member of the community, helping out where he could. When the war came around in 2009 he stayed in and out of the way of the forces attacking. Believing that he wouldn't be affected by the Chedaki. During the war he moved became one with the wilderness a bit more, keeping up on his wilderness survival training and understanding the layout of the land should he need to leave. Luckily for him, it never came to that. Post-war was tough for Alex, the new government he didn't align with, but didn't oppose it either. He loved his Russian homeland, and being a part of the sphere of influence didn't bother him. But the governments take on his crop did. He heard the rumors of an underground group looking to take down the leader, but didn't show interest in anything other than protecting his home. Eventually he was happy with the 2018 deal of being once again a Russian citizen, he missed that within him, being a nationalist and prideful of his home lands. By the time 2020 came around and the surfacing of the new virus, Alex was trying to stay aware of the news and events, people in his town were suffering from effects and he almost felt hopeless not being able to help them. Once the military roadblocks came up, Alex knew something bigger was coming, something that could be contained. He started gathering his stuff, as he had planned years ago, for the contingency of events unfolding. By April Alex had been in disbelief of "infected" people attacking others. Once rioting had started Alex knew he had to move into the woods. The situation was too volatile for him to stay in town. He's spent his time since then avoiding hostile people and environments, such as manned military checkpoints. But Alex knows that his time to kill will once again be coming.
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