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  1. Ruben is a young guy trying to survive in this apocalypse. Surviving in a calm and peaceful way as possible. But when danger comes along, he is not afraid to use he's weapon when needed. Ruben is someone who had a good childhood, he had a strict father and a good mother. His father was a welder. And Ruben also wanted to be a welder, just like his father. And that's what he eventually became. he welded everything, he went around the world and back, for his work. On the day before the virus outbreak, Ruben was working on a large construction site, welding pipelines (he stayed in a hotel because he is from Belgium to work here). When he was driving back to the hotel after a long and tiring day at work, It was not busy on the road, when it should be because he quitted work at 5 pm. When he arrived at the hotel, he took a shower. and ate in the cafeteria. Nothing turned out to be strange at that time. After he ate, he went to his room. There he tryed calling his Parents like he does every night, he kept trying but couldn't reach them on the phone. Then he decided to go downstairs to the reception, because there are cellphones. When he came to the reception there was no one, it was quiet, the radio was not playing anymore. he didn't pay much attention to it because he wanted to call his family. He was getting a bit nervous, because there was still no connection. When the cell phones still didn't work, he decided to go to sleep because he was tired from the long workday. He closed all windows and doors properly. He slept without a hitch. The next morning the alarm went off at 7 in the morning. it was going to be the last working day at the yard. he went to get ready for breakfast. When he finished he took his work bag. and went downstairs to the cafeteria for breakfast. When arriving there nothing turned out to be weird. Everyone was there for breakfast, and all staff were present. But those who were not present where the staff who did not sleep at the hotel itself. Ruben asked someone from the staff where all the other staff members were. but he didn't know either. After he finished breakfast he went to his car, ready to leave for the yard. he noticed that there was still no one around and on the road. he thought this was very strange. Ruben got into his car, the car wouldn't start. Ruben thought, this is like a movie or a video game! All these weird things that's happened in the last two days... He got out of the car, and opened the hood to see what could be wrong with the car. Suddenly he heard screams and panic. He went as fast as he could to the screams and noises coming from the hotel. When Ruben entered the hotel, there was a man lying on the floor with a pool of blood past him. A woman sat next to him. probably his wife. People asked what had happened, the woman replied in full panic that someone had attacked him. Ruben looked at the neck wound, and it looked like a knife wound at first sight.| Suddenly screaming came from behind the reception, just when Ruben wanted to have a look a man came from behind the reception. His face was covered with blood, he acted very weird. People started running away. and there was a lot of panic. The man behind the reception suddenly tried to grab Ruben. He just avoided it. Ruben also ran back out, to the car. Took his work backpack and ran into the woods. Later that day he came to a crossroad, where a police car and some other cars were parked. He took a closer look and there was no one. Only dead bodies. It was like a murder case, he saw a police officer lying among the other corpses. He thought maybe he had a gun somewhere on him. Ruben went to see the dead cop. and saw that the policeman had his Pistol. Just when Ruben Grabbed the gun the police man woke up with strange noises and his eyes bright red. Ruben immediately pulled the trigger, 1 bullet in the head. And then he came to the conclusion that those movies he always watched and loved had just become reality..... Zombies! From that day on he is only trying too survive. He has so many questions... Hoping that his family are safe or alive.
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