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  1. John Breckinridge is a 60-year-old man from south-western Pennsylvania. Coming back from his time overseas during the Cold War he decide that the United States wasn't a good place to retire from his service in the United States Marines so he took a flight to Chernarus and lived the rest of his life as a woodsman out in the countryside. He grew up in a strict household in the valley of south-western Pennsylvania his dad was a veteran from WW2 and fought in Iwo Jima, he was also a Marine this is what inspired John to become a Marine. Physically, John is in pretty good shape. He is tall with pale skin, grey hair and dark brown eyes. He has a tattoo of "The Devil Dogs" a United States Marines insignia on his left arm. During his time overseas John pick up a bad smoking habit. On his land in Chernarus he grows his own tobacco and makes his own moonshine. John now sells the wood he collects by chopping down the trees around his property and sells it to the locals of Chernarus, he also buys old firearms from the locals.
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