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  1. hello. i am looking for 2 items a mosin with a pu and a sks with ammo i am wanting both weapons for a Winchester Model 70. i am not giving out my location on here. my private frequency is rosspixs#5679
  2. *begin radio transmission* hello i am ross. i have a workbeach up for trade i am looking for a low profile backpack that can hold alot and sowing and leather kits i am near the north east trader i will keep this transmission open for a 40 min
  3. living in a small house in cherno working on a ship i was on deck when i seen a castaway out at sea the cpt gave us the orders to retrieve the man we got the man on board and gave him food/water ect then he started acting weird he just died out of no where a crewmate start doing cpr on him then the dead man jumped up and bit the crewmate and it keept happening and i got on a life boat to get away from the ship i passed out from the life boat slamming the water i found my self woke up on the beach of the Soviet Republic of Chernarus, where a mysterious plague has turned most of the population into violent "infected" . realizing i woke up near home i went back to my house to find it was raided when the mysterious plague started. now im trying to survive in a new world.
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