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  1. Sgt. Derrick Reynolds a 26 y/o American citizen who fought for 7 years in the Iraq war. While on his last tour in Iraq, Derrick was honorably discharged after being shot 7 times in the chest while trying to save his bestfriend, Danny Wilson, who had been shot in the leg. After several months in the I.C.U. and physical therapy Derrick went back home to his wife Kelly Reynolds to settle down in his home in Charlotte for a few years before the outbreak. After the new reports came across the television of an "unknown disease" that was driving people crazy turning them into cannibals, Derrick and his wife made their way to the coast in Topsail N.C. where his parents lived. After they reached Topsail they seen the chaos and destruction of the area Derrick found his parents already turned in their home, He used his trusty service pistol, a Springfield m1911a1, to put them down before heading to a nearby boat house in hopes of find a ride out to sea. After about a week at sea in Derrick and his wife had went through all of the M.R.E.s Derrick got from the service, things were starting to look grim. Later that day a horrific storm crests the horizon to the North. After being consumed by the sea Derrick wakes up in a strange land, hungry, disoriented, and his wife is nowhere to be found. Derrick must survive this hellish nightmare and find his missing wife.
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