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  1. Karichii

    hi guys

    will come in game maybe soon, want to try 1.0 and perhaps some mods
  2. Karichii

    hi guys

    Do I recognise anyone here?
  3. Karichii

    hi guys

    ye just wanna talk really
  4. Beni

    • Beni
    • Karichii

    Miss you my bro, come back soon.

    1. Karichii


      urm not sure if I will I'm no lifing battalion, ain't got time to try rp, might pop on ts for a chat sometime though bb


  5. Karichii

    Lets see some OG content from mod days

    Go on, chuck your old but gold clips in this thread, would be nice to see some of the funny moments we experienced back in mod
  6. Karichii

    • Karichii
    • Scooter

    sexy boy

  7. Karichii

    Show some love <3

    I don't love anyone but myself
  8. Just a lad, English born, living in Elektrozavodsk, all was well for the little fella, growing up so fast living with his single parent, Josephine, was the name of his beloved Mother, they had a bond, a very very mutual bond, they would never leave each others sight, no matter where one went, they would always be together. The lad was home schooled by his mother, and because of this he ended up being very well educated for his age, at just 12 he had an IQ of 123, which for his age and the environment he was living in was very impressive. When he reached his 15th birthday, his mother bought him a bicycle, and from this day on, every day in the morning, he rode his bicycle up the streets of Elektro, even the locals got used to it, and some used to give him a small can of Pipsi as a reward for being a young polite man, and for staying positive despite the rising conflict in the northern areas. However this vibe was to not last for much longer, on the week approaching his 16th birthday, the Chernarussian military forces patrolled into Elektro, the chaos was spreading South, this marked the real turning point in the morality of all of the citizens, as the nation fell into a state of corruption, everyone was out to ransack homes, no matter who those residents may be, and the bodies started piling up in the streets, and one morning the fate of the young Lad, only days from his 16th birthday, was decided, 3 men entered the residence of him and his mother's home, they trashed the place looking for whatever they could find, every single cupboard opened, and doors torn off, his mother woke to the sound of the commotion, to be pinned against the wall by 1 man, what happened next was unreported, only screams and sounds of extreme pain ensued, the mother left crippled with multiple serious wounds left in her body, lying there helpless, the lad lay with his mother in her final moments after staying hidden from the bandits, feelings of anger and haste ran through his body, after the lifelong bond they had with eachother was coming to an end, his mother took her final breath and whispered " Leave me, my role as your protecting mother has finished, listen, run as far away from this place, seek help, and take bake what was taken from us, teach the people a lesson who decide to ruin our lives", shortly after she passed. The lad, almost 16 years old, then followed his mothers word, and for the past year, he has been surviving, has met some savage people, and with the IQ that he possess, and the shear amount of knowledge he has, has out witted many different encounters and has continued to survive, what will happen in the next few coming months or years who knows, no one.....
  9. Karichii

    Return of SVR?

    Rolle said no to SVR, what about this...
  10. Karichii

    League of Legends - Season 8 [Official Thread]

    Anyone wanna take part in the beta tournament for a bit of fun, hmu on League if you want to
  11. Karichii

    What do you listen to ?

    A few of my favourites, going to see Rejjie in March
  12. Karichii

    Show us your Photography

    I do like that first macro shot, i’ve been interested in trying out some macro photography but I want a decent lens to get a crisp image
  13. Karichii

    Show us your Photography

    Drop your instagram's below let us have a look at what shots you have taken, or if you prefer, just reply to the thread with your proudest, or latest shots, i'd love to see people's work. I'm not a pro at all, I just enjoy exploring and taking photo's. My Instagram
  14. Karichii

    League of Legends - Season 8 [Official Thread]

    Summoner Name: KarichiiRegion: EUW (no russian hackers region)Level: 33Rank: S5 but didn't play ranked all season, s3 preseason but that don't matter Pref Role: Jungle
  15. Karichii

    Any Mod lads still about?

    Damn, I thought all were gone, definitely remember alot of these names, i'll have to hop on TS and catchup and see whats going on, might hop back in game soonTM
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