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  1. Nick grew up in Alberta and played youth hockey and soccer through his youth in the goaltender position. As a goalie he saw himself as a savior and hero of the team, saving the day when they needed him most. He was an excellent student and continued on to study at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Maryland with dreams of becoming a doctor. In his 2nd year of graduate studies he was offered the opportunity to go overseas and practice as a field doctor within the "Doctors without borders" organization. He served for 2 years in varying locations including Moldova, Poland, and Takistan. At the time of the outbreak of the frenzied flu, Nick was stationed in Takistan still as a student and saw first hand accounts of the rabies-like virus from individuals who were sent home to self-quarantine. He daringly left his post and illegally crossed the border into Chernarus in an attempt to be a hero and help others, given his medical background. On May 30th as others were being evacuated out of the region, Nick wandered in without any sense of the geography of the area. His attempt to help others quickly deteriorated as he found it increasingly necessary to prioritize his own safety and health in order to survive.
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