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  1. For clarification on recent events.  

       I’ve been asked to post something to help clear up some misunderstandings surrounding the nature of why two groups have decided to archive at this point. The report regarding the raid of the Transporters base was less of a last straw and more of a missed opportunity to deal with some issues that have plagued the community for weeks. If I’m being honest I think that no matter how the report turned out there was going to be a lot of outcry by both groups feeling that it wasn’t handled well. I’m going to try to the best of my ability to articulate the issues and frustrations of a large group of people, if you feel I’ve misinterpreted your personal perspectives I apologize but I’m only human. 

          For starters, it’s beginning to feel like the server only really encourages and helps facilitate hostile role play. I don’t think anyone wants to play on a non-pvp server, I know I certainly don’t, but it now feels like there’s a lack of balance in what’s being offered on Dayzrp. You’re all going to have wildly different opinions on this based on your playstyle preferences and I’m not trying to convince the people who hate campfire rp to participate in it. The reality is that a healthy server needs a little bit of both with protections in place, either with rules or expectations. 

          Speaking on behalf of Lost Highway we’ve had a tough go with the community hub role play but we knew that going into it. It’s always going to be a challenge but there are ways to structure it so that your members don’t get raid fatigue and lose interest in playing. We attempted to do that in several ways. We started by not storing items in our base to avoid losing them and then graduated to not collecting items so there would simply be no incentive. Eventually we realized that our characters were the last valuable thing to be used as hostages for someone else's role play, so for the coup de gras, we simply stopped meeting together at our base. This is a slow grind that many community hub role players are familiar with and for our part we can say that we gave it our best shot. At one point we went as far as creating a prefabricated base so that we could attempt to defend ourselves better and improve role play possibilities.

          The prefab was just another point of frustration as we’ve been waiting weeks for it to be accepted when it seemed that other groups like the Transporters and La Familia had theirs accepted within days. I’ve heard the argument that if someone needs a prefab to play then they shouldn’t be playing and I can honestly say that I agree with that. In our case it was a last ditch effort to give the players within our faction something to be excited about, tying our group back to a physical location that we had since been forced to all but abandoned. As we waited in prefab purgatory we had to fix issues of clipping and implementing some community requested changes which were all fine at first. Eventually we realized that for some reason our prefab was being held to a higher standard than other groups who had just as much clipping if not more but their prefabs were accepted almost without question. In the case of the Transporters, Roland himself mentioned that the base was overpowered and that their prefab has some glaring issues, only to delete his post off their forum page an hour later. I chose to believe he decided it would be more appropriate to bring the issue up with them privately as opposed on their forum page, a courtesy that others have not extended to our group recently. 

          Some are going to say that this is a rant about Transporters and it’s unfortunate that it seems that way but they're not the problem. The reality is that the server rules and expectations don’t prevent groups like theirs from running the entire game for everyone else. In the best of circumstances handing that much control over to a single group can be fun for short periods of time, in the worst of circumstances it will lead to abuses of power or even just the presumption based on appearances. 

          Lost Highway has an example of this where at one point we had found a helicopter on a spawn location, empty and clearly not belonging to anyone. Returning it to our base was a lot of fun both in game and in discord because our players were clearly excited at the prospect of being able to fly around. Within two hours of it being hidden the Transporters had already found it, had men sitting on it waiting to initiate on anyone who returned to claim it, and had two or three cars worth of players heading down South from their base with the necessary parts to steal it. They lied to our leaders face, claiming that they found it with another helicopter and had been sitting on it for several hours, neither could have possibly been true. When we reached out to their leadership to help clear up some of the reservations our members had they chose not to respond, leaving us with sinking feelings and suspicions of potential abuses of power. The simple appearance of impropriety is enough when you have the means. 

          What frustrates me personally about this is that there are clear solutions to these problems. Large factions that are dominating the server should be broken up or asked to operate under certain restrictions for the benefit of everyone's gameplay. Our most experienced role players shouldn’t be congregating in a single group, but instead asked to go out and join other groups to elevate their playing to a higher level. It’s the same principal for the gear that we use in game. It shouldn’t just be expected that if you want a helicopter you’re going to have to pry it from the Transporter's cold dead fingers. 

          The same goes for vehicles, something Roalnd again noted in his post on their forum page. He mentions that they have a third of the vehicles in their base but does he know that just before the reset they had well over half of all the vehicles for weeks? Stealing as many as they could in order to sell them during a “fire sale” that seemed conveniently timed to wrap up before a server wipe. Again, it’s not whether or not the actions taken are intentionally malicious or if they simply appear that way, when you have a group that has the means for abuses of power than it’s so much more important that they hold themselves to a higher standard. For the Transporters reading this that think I’m picking on them because you’re “winning” at Dayz, please don’t misunderstand me. My personal frustrations are that you’ve had the opportunity to elevate the quality of the game and you’ve squandered it. 

          It seems the status quo on this server is that the Admins and Moderators expect things like this to happen but do very little to avoid it. Server tensions build to a head, eventually everyone gets pissed over OOC hate coming out IC, people take a break, server population drops, big push to add mods timed with game updates, the server pop slowly climbs, rinse and repeat. The irony of this server is that we have almost the same mod list as any pvp server but with complex rules that address player interactions but nothing more. I know mods choices are highly subjective but even right now people are talking about how the problems on the server are going to be fixed by adding more flashy things. At some point you guys have got to recognize that your server is missing something important and for me that thing is actual leadership. 

          You have all the seats filled but actual server leadership is done by example, not by treatises on how to interact with other players. In no way do I think that server is going anywhere and no one taking a break right now thinks that either. It’s got the foundation to last as long as it wants too and a player base that represents some of the best Dayz can offer. The sad thing is that the core players won’t see the loss of new people as something that hurts the community but just attrition because of poor attitudes. I’m an idealist but not so much that I think I’m going to change anyone's minds, I just wanted to share my thoughts on my way out the door.

    1. AndreyQ


      I don't really get how buying, selling and stealing cars and helis is us "running" the server. Anyone on the server can come make business with us as long as the pay is right.

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