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  1. Hello, my name is Varkis. Strange name I know, but I've heard worse I suppose. Let's hurry and wrap this little introduction up shall we? Like I said my name is Varkis, I'm an Russian which only speaks English, Never was able to speak Russian. Joined the Russian Federation as a Combat Medic and soon after that was moved to Chernarus due to an unknown outbreak that popped up. At first everything was simple, monitor my squads health while on missions ranging from keeping the peace to giving aid to civilians. This went on for a while until the riots started. Due to the mass's hostility towards us for keeping them contained and giving limited supplies we weren't the most liked. Our normal patrols changed to guard posts unless it was needed in the more hostile locations. I thought that this would pass after a few months but that was a pipe dream. Not soon after the 3rd week of the rioting we were put under fire. Without warning and without morals, multiple good men and women died that night. My squad was one of the lucky ones, we were stationed in a mostly friendly town when it all went down. We rushed to aid our comrades but arrived too little to late. I was the only one that was actually able to help anyone that were involved with the combat that happened a few hours before. This was just one night of many more to come. Our small little defense line was easily over run' d within the few weeks that followed. The hostiles were somehow getting weapons from somewhere which inevitably ended with our retreat. With our defense line broken and us in retreat it didn't take long to be picked off one by one as we don't know the land as well as they do. Many of use broke up in groups and scattered in many different directions as hopefully that cant get us all. My group was one of the unlucky ones. We were found on the second night and used as hostage's for ransom. Apparently one of their leaders were captured and being held as a prisoner. But Lady Luck wasn't on our side as one small group wasn't worth a leader. My group was executed yet they didn't kill me as I wasn't found with a weapon when we were found, but found with medical supplies. After a while of being their personal medic they let me go. This is were my journey starts in Chernarus.
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