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  1. - Who is he - Portuguese born and raised. Loves to travel, not only by military purposes, but also to know new cultures, see new places, taste new food and meet new people. Generally i'm funny, good hearthed and allways available to help people, mainly friends and family. But i also got a bad mood when someone tries to upset me. - Family - Just a portuguese girlfriend which name is Tatiana, she's 6 month pregnant. - Training - Military sniper training and electrical engineering, part of the Special Portuguese Operations. Did several missions worldwide. - Purpose - Finish my undercovered mission as soon as possible, trying to help good people from bandits, teach them whatever i can to help them survive and get back home to my girlfriend's arms. - What happened? - On the way to my undercovered mission in Russian, with my other 3 teammates, when we arrived there, the heli had a technical problem and the pilot tried to make an emergency landing. I suspect that the pilot had an health problem and unfortunately he couldn't do it and the heli crashed. None of my teammates survived but i was lucky, just got some minor injuries but lost most of my equipment. I saw a board which i think it's the city name, Zvir. - Main Goals - - Finish the mission; - Help good people; - Not get caught; - Survive.
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