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  1. Born in '98 Chains was raised by his single mother in Athens Greece. HIs father was a drug dealer that sadly passed away after he got shot multiple times outside of his home. As he grew up Chains decided that he should find a job in order to help his mother. When Chains was 12 years old, his mother became seriously ill and died a few months later. Ηis life in the following years was very difficult, until he decided that he wanted to change, he got involved with drug dealing. In early 2020 me and my co-worker Fanis Koutsopoulos to visit South Zagoria and tour the lands. However a couple days before we were to return home our hotel got overrun by the zombies and we got stuck in Chernarus. Since then me and my buddy have been trying to survive there waiting for the right time to return home. Because of the current situation we rob as many people as possible to get guns and food while we sell or trade drugs with anyone that is intrested. If things go well, Chernarus might be our new home.
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