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  1. Jimmy Pascal, is a posh, nerdy & young lad born into a rich British family. Youngest of 5 brothers who are all exactly like a there butch strong father, Jimmy grew up more like his mother, being more sensitive and smart than his punch first ask questions later sort family. Jimmy learnt the hard way of how to deal with more men with oversized egos after all he has 5 brothers. Jimmy just wanted to avoid his family and enjoy the luxury he has in his own ways. However, this wasn't what his father wanted. He wanted all of his sons to be strong and independent. So he tried to do the best for his son and sent him off to a Russian boarding school for the toughest of the tough. Little did his father know the apocalypse would hit and leave Jimmy alone in the worst place for it. But Jimmy is ready to use is cowardness, wit and silver tongue to talk his way out of conflict. But if that doesn't work at least the forced hunting lessons will help.
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