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  1. Righto bud, watch out for those Real Life bandits, I heard they are tougher than the RP ones
  2. Welcome! I tell you the adventured and stories you can make from these RP servers are endless ^^ It can be alot of fun and if you are good at RP, It can be really immersive ^^ Wish you the best buddy and have fun!
  3. The Lone Ranger

    My Final Goodbye (Leaving Permanently)

    Ah No Dude!!!! Im gona miss you! :,( Our time in black cross was the best time I have ever had on DayZRP!! We would walk around aimlessly for hours just too see what kind of random crap we could get our selves into.. :,) Gona miss you loads buddy! Jack Roberts (Foxy) and Ivan Petravitch waves you a very big and heavy hearted good bye my friend! Have a good one Bud
  4. The Lone Ranger

    Sorry guys

    Aww :,( see ya around buddy
  5. Glad to have you bro Welcome to the family
  6. The Lone Ranger

    Blackwood Militia [BM] (Recruitment Open:)

    Whats this about having to post on the page?
  7. The Lone Ranger

    Leaving forever or quite a few years

    Good luck with what every your quitting for bro
  8. The Lone Ranger

    DayZRP Trailer Contest

    The trailer on the dayzrp home page looks good! Well done
  9. I left a trail of notes along my way addressed by (Foxy) and it said in them about what I have been up to and if you find me you could have some nice gear.. good times
  10. To be honest I have been playing on the standalone server for a while now and I never knew there were named groups out there! Never came across any..
  11. The Lone Ranger

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    DayZ standalone.. even though it is very... (Very).. Broken at the moment! Still a great game! 7/10 so far
  12. The Lone Ranger

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    Anyone know why the EU server is playing up lately?
  13. The Lone Ranger

    DayZRP mod End of Life

    R.I.P DAYZ mod :,( Rip In Pepperoni.. We will all miss the good times
  14. I have been having this problem today.. 2 invisible zombies chasing me around cherno.. didnt hit me because i out ran them but still annoying.
  15. The Lone Ranger

    Sun Celebration!

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