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  1. I am a doctor, I worked in a hospital in Rome, I was happy, I had friends, a full life. One day the head of the hospital called me, telling me that I would be transferred to Russia, in Cernarus, to better study the virus that was affecting our world, our life, our freedom. I went to Severograd, a very nice town, it was a very nice town. I moved here all my life, I made new friends, new hobbies. The virus was very difficult to analyze, but other countries were studying it too, it was doing well we were able to start the search for a possible vaccine, but the virus was constantly changing. The first lockdowns began, some nations were failing economically, the first revolts against governments, the war was about to begin. Unfortunately, the virus won and little by little, the system, civilization collapsed. I found myself alone, afraid in a collapsed town. But I don't want to escape, I want to be a little glimmer for the souls struggling against death
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