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  1. Asher spent his youth growing up on his families farm, sheering sheep and planting crops. At school Asher was rather average not getting particularly good grades or being very popular. Asher manged to get a passing education but is not particularly smart, after graduating school at 16 he worked on his family farm. In his free time Asher would spend it camping in the wilderness with his brother or friends, as well as occasionally hunting, mainly he would hunt hares and pheasants, so he has a basic understanding of some weapons. While he was at school he made a friend who's family was a wealthy family from Chernarus. He would often spend time in England hunting and camping with him and because of this Asher was invited to a hunting lodge in the wilderness of Chernarus, after the lockdown of the Frenzy Flu ended. Asher has spent most of his time there since he was grounded in Charnarus due to the 3rd wave. After spending months living at the lodge with a few friends of his, one of them came back from a solo hunting trip with the Frenzy Flu and passed it onto the rest of his friends however Asher managed to not get it and was forced to kill his friends. After this event he has decided to sent out to try to meet new people and get more supplies.
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