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  1. Wyatt had always wanted to be a part of law enforcement. At the age of 17 Wyatt got hired as a security guard in the state of Colorado. When Wyatt turned 18 he got certified on a M26 taser and OC spray (oleoresin capsicum). At the age of 19 Wyatt became a marksman on an AR-15 with the NRA. This is when Wyatt got really into hunting and tactical shooting. Wyatt became an avid hunter and almost always came back with a kill. At the age of 20 Wyatt would volunteer to help his local sheriff's department and would go on ride-alongs every weekend. When Wyatt was 21 he went and bought a Glock 23 and four mags for his duty belt then he went through the police academy. After passing the academy Wyatt got picked up by the Pitkin County Sheriff's Department. Once hired, Wyatt worked four years straight and never took a single day off. Wyatt had so many vacation days saved that up the sheriff made him take a week off. Wyatt decided to go hunting and found a cheap flight to Chernarus. February 27th Wyatt landed in the Krasnostav Airfield. On the 28th he settled into a rented out hunting cabin in the forest south of Gvozdno. On the 5th of march you started packing up to leave and the next day you tried going into town. To Wyatt's surprise military lock down had occurred and they did not allow him to enter. He was forced back into the wilderness to fend for himself. Since then he has watched the world around him and has learned what is going on. Wyatt now roams the lands fighting for his life hoping to meet others.
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