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  1. Haha yeah, I want to thank each and everyone of you a special thank you for saying good bye. It truly means a lot to walk away with such love behind me. Not everyone likes me and i understand that but each and every single one of you made my time here special. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. A special thank you to the Staff, please continue to be what this community deserves. I have the up most faith that you can continue to make this community grow and prosper. I hope the best for the Mod and for continued out standing works from the Developers. I take with me great memories that will last though out my life time. My final post from the last of the ColoradoBoys... Zoarial ArchAngel Zozo //Feel free to close this thread.
  2. Same to you, can't forget the armory missions either keeping the launcher away from boris and jamie... Good times.
  3. Thanks for being the one guy Mojo.... Gonna miss you too.
  4. Sadly, no joke here. Best of luck to you as well.
  5. This ^ x1000 I'm really sorry this happened. Spent months trying to work hard to watch it all crumble down over 20 minutes of conversation... I'm sorry this happened as well. I'll still be playing games and live streaming, but after tonight i will be unreachable on DayzRP. I've only stuck around this long to say my goodbyes to the people who cared enough to say so. Keep an eye on the stream and an eye on war thunder and watch for the online signals.
  6. I'll add the ones I could think about right now.. but there's plenty more Thank you for the bath I had in Solnichy's docks *can't remember the right location* Thank you for making me discover War Thunder Thank you for letting me start giving you the "Zozo" nickname Thank you for making me enjoy even more my time here (When you were doing your admin stuff or just being a fellow player) Thanks Zozo! Stay safe and I wish the best for you if I don't have the chance to talk to you again (and don't worry, I'll find the chance somewhere!) haha, i love you Khardia, i'm sure we'll met again.. but until then In case i don't see you, Good after noon good evening and goodnight. So sorry Kobal but... Ha, thank you, and good by to both you and Boris.
  7. Thank you very much, i will still stream, i'll be around. Just the lone wolf of the interwebs for a while. i'll miss ya too bra... Thank you, i'm glad i could help you, it was a privileged ability to say the least. Good luck you self.
  8. Thank you so much, I'm sure you can manage to do great things. I just takes a community as outstanding as this and there's limitless options.
  9. I'll never wash that spot ever again And not with CB? i wouldn't know anything about that. I love you too Marcus. I'm going to Valhalla where all my CB comrades have gone, my time has come to sit beside Odin as his loyal commander. Tell them all I said hello. You were one of the oldest member of this community, and I'm sure 95% of the community, if not all, are sad to see you go. I remember when I was sitting in Vegas looking in shoutbox, and posted " I love you, zoarial" and you said that you don't love, only appreciate. So for the next week I started telling you I appreciated you, and you did the same back Lol yeah... Then you set it as your signature.. Good times mate. Like The Doctor, i'm sure a Admin will come around just like myself. He won't have my form but he will be the best parts of me. Its the Admin you guise deserve and i hope you all understand Its each of you that make this community great and worth the late nights.
  10. I love you too Marcus. I'm going to Valhalla where all my CB comrades have gone, my time has come to sit beside Odin as his loyal commander.
  11. If you were removed from your family, would you want to stick around? I love the community but the staff was my family and without being part of that i'm a Rebel without a cause. There is a lot i could still do here and not be part of the staff. But it just doesn't feel right. I'm not asking to be banned maybe in a few months i may come back but for now, Me being removed from staff was the nicest way to say "Zoarial Get out" You can, but No Zozo will be around to answer you.
  12. Thank you Yeah its heartbreaking for me aswell. I feel as if i've been punched in the stomach and can't breath. But how does the saying go? "GoodBye my Rose, we'll meet again just not in this body or figure but its a way our way of living on though out the cosmos" -The Doctor Thank You. Good luck to you aswell
  13. Alright after this... Sky i love you <3 no more appreciate stuff! its been a long time coming anyway i tried to do my best but i don't wish to stay around a community i love so much when all i can do is watch from the stands.
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